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Safe EFFECTIVE relief for chronic pain

I just found this forum and I like it!  I'm looking for some advice. I'm 52. I have 12 yrs clean, my last thing was a 7 or 8 year heroin addiction. I have Hep C. I have severe arthritis as well as Peripheral Neuropathy, mostly affecting my feet, and plantar fasciitis. :( right!?  My question is; does anyone have suggestions for something EFFECTIVE that I can take for long term, chronic pain w/out the old monkey showing up?  I'm too old and much too tired to entertain that nasty little creep again but I am going to have to take something for pain until forever. As little Acetominophen as possible bc of the Hep C.
Thanks for this great forum
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Have you tried antiinflammatories for regular pain and toradol for bad pain? Many of the medication they prescribe for fibromyalgia is non narcotic , but I can't recall the names off hand. I know many are on nuerotin for pain, but not sure it thats addicting. I know I was not much help, but wanted to tap in to say CONGRATS on all those clean years. Hope you get some long term relief.
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Hi thanks. Toradol!  Yes I've heard of that but haven't tried it. I'll research it and ask my doc. I take a 1x day nsaid called Mobic. (Meloxicam) that's working ok. But still need something for breakthrough pain. Thanks I'll check that out for sure.
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Hi Laurie, I am actually currently taking Toradol (i blew out my knee a few days ago) and it really helps alot! In some ways I think better than the opiates I use to take! The only problem with Toradol is you cant take it for an extended period of time. (More than a week I think) because it can cause GI upset and bleeding. That being said, It works great and if you were only taking it for break through pain it might be ok to take longer.

Also I have heard of some people taking Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain, and Also you can take Neurontin/ Gabapentin for nerve pain (for the peripheral neuropathy) None of these have tylenol in them.

Hope this helps and good job on being clean for 12 years!! :)
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Oh and whatever you do, if your Dr. Suggests Tramadol, stay FAR away from that! Im not sure if you know if it, heard of it or used it but just wanted to make sure you steer clear. Alot of Dr.s are not yet educated on how bad this drug is and some think because its "non-narcotic" its safe but it is a devil of a pill and regardless of what they say, is very addictive!

Just wanted to throw that your way just encase :)
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Thanks Teresa,
I am going to ask my doc about Toradol. And stay AWAY from Tramadol!  Many horror stories here about that drug. She has me on 2700mg/day Gabapentin already for the neuropathy and it really works for that. I'll also Google up Lyrica.
Thanks everybody, this really is an effective site for brainstorming!

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You might also look at Cymbalta.  Its an antidepressant that is also used for chronic pain and fibro pain.  Many have had relief from it.  I was on it years ago just as an antidepressant and it made me completely nuts so I am not a good test case :-) but it may work well for you.
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