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Say what? AGAINNOT has 6 months clean today!!!

Congratulations Janice!  You made it! I'm so glad and so proud and so inspired. Even though you had many good reasons to keep using, you found your way to sobriety.  You have an amazing attitude and you are one tough cookie. I'm so glad we've become friends!  Take good care of yourself, and you will win back your health. The body may be, weak, but your spirit is truly invincible! Keep up the fantastic work
Love, MsD. xoxo
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Wow! In your honor I got back the old format today. Thank you! Congratulations on 90. I look forward to seeing you knock down more. Way to go. It really is worth it!
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I mean 6 months. Too early. Need more coffee. Sorry.
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I mean 6 months. Got too excited about the old format coming back. Sorry.
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Thank you SO much, everyone , especially msdelight.....you've been an immense support!
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Congratulations lady!  Agree with MsD - you have had legitimate reasons to continue to use and chose to be free from those pills.  God Bless you...you are a true inspiration!
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Congratulations to you and all your hard work....keep pushing towards!
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congratulations!!!!  I am so proud of you and happy for you!  Yay!!!!!
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Hey Girl you go!!!!  congrats on 6mo  that is huge  keep doing what your doing it is working for you.....please tell us how you been doing it
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Keep on pushing every single day to stay on the right track. Proud of YOU!!

Have a Merry Clean & Sober Christmas
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Congrats on 6 months!!!  That is an amazing accomplishment.  Keep it going~
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Hey girl!  Wow...6 mos!  That was a good number for me.  Time for a celebration!  Treat yourself. Grats on your hard work chickie.....you're a demon *ss kicker! Rock it! ((((8)))) hugs
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Thank you all again for the incredible support!
Even at times when I entertain the thought of taking "just one" oxy, it helps to re read  all the posts here to remind myself of going thru withdrawel again.  Also to remember that I can't take "just one", no matter how bad these headaches are from my new cancer treatment.  It would be adding yet another problem.  I guess I'm writing this just to remind myself that there isn't a good enough reason to get back on oxys, no matter what!
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