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Scared Me? more like sore from whoopin m-dones @ss

Extremely sore but its on the down slide for sure gimme a few hrs  to become cheery self.... 144 hrs... Check!
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Lovin' these updates! Especially the titles! Did you do your push ups yet? ;p You're doing amazing! Keep moving forward! Yeah 144 hrs!!
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Yahoooooo!!!! You have come a long way B-A-B-Y...Keep knocking them know...Feels so Right..by Alabama
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Got 60 3 reps of 20 plus my first 32 oz of water.  ;-) and my daily vits n muscle milk of course n emergency c!... Got em all in so far...
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awesome keep it up!!!
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That's what I'm talking about!!! You're rocking this!
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Tip to ne one having hard time going thru it n readin this... When u can't drink... Drink more... If just one push up sounds like worst thing in world do ten no matter how hard.... And every time it tries to take over force it out and jump in the bath for sec n calm down no matter how many u need.... If u can do that n get thru tough spots its possible... If u can handle sun n sweat(feels good to me but opposite of ne other withdrawal experience but try) get it out the sweats good... Seems to be my experience so far....
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