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Does anyone have any useful suggestions as to how to deal with this hellish self-loathing?  I understand that it's a part of withdrawal but it plagues me constantly.  
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hey mate i know what ya sayin I've been listening to music for the last 48 hrs play some music that makes u feel good hope ya feel better hugs from oz aj
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It's only a thought and it can be changed.  Easier said then done, I know.  Try to use as much positive self talk as you can and be proud of your clean time!
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i think this is a really great question!  What i have been doing....and i know it sounds a little dark, lol, is watching youtube clips and looking at pictures of starving people in africa and other poor countries.  It immedietly reminds me of everything I already have to be thankful for....even having just running water and food whenever i want.  I realized that i didn't choose to be born in a place where I will always have what I need just like those people didn't asked to be born into that type of poverty.  Being grateful, even for things I totally take for granted usually totally flips my mood around. Regardless of what you do to try to help with the emotional turmoil that shows up during w/ds, I promise you it will get way better.
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Actually what you are doing is... self-loving. I don't like platitudes much but I love this one because it really works if you practice... "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" Turn it around in your mind, it really works, when you feel the urge to 'self-loath' change the thought into 'self-love' It will take some practice but with repeated effort it will come. Every human being does far better with love & encouragement, beating yourself up just drives you into the ground, you must turn it around for the good... self-love  
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WOW....Great words!
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Spend some time in the Bible thats what i did. There are lots of great promises in there, even if your not religous. And check out the "everything skit" on youtube. Remember God might not always answer us when we want him to, but hes AWAYS on time!
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Boy, I can really relate! The self loathing is the worst of the mental issues! One thing that I do which seems to help a little, is to make lists! On a piece of paper I physically write down a list of things I'm grateful for, things I need to work on, and anything else I'm feeling! I'm not in to writing novels about my feelings, and just a short list helps to get my feelings out! I make new lists all the time and look back at old ones to see how my feelings have changed! You might try it! Best wishes!
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Sonrissa, the lists are a great idea. Thank you :)
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Thank you Minn! It feels good to be able to contribute in some small way! This will go on my positive list! :)
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Thank you, I really appreciate it... :)
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