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Self tapering.

I posted this question on Vicki's poard and I'm afraid I should have posted where anybody can answer.  I have osteoarthritis and had bilateral (both) knees done in August 2007.  About 3 wks later I developed MRSA in my R knee.  I was put on 8 wks of Vancomycin which is antibiotic of choice for MRSA. I was in a rehab facility and received Physical Therapy post operatively, along with Percocet2 tabs every 3 hrs. I recovered and then attended outpatient therapy. This has been my life for almost 3yrs. I'd be fine for severaL months and then the Mrsa would come back.  I'd have surgery to remove the prosthesis, clean out the wound and put in a new prosthesis. Go to rehab for 8 weeks with the vanco, Percocet and PT.  Recovered and it came back again. All in all, I've had 5 surgeries to get rid of this devil infection within a 3yr, period. I've graduated to Dilaudid since Percocet was no longer sufficient.  My last surgery was July 12, 2010.  This time I finally changed doctors and hospitals and went to NYC.
I've had the best care imagineable. and feel wonderful.  My knee hardly bothers me anymore so I figure less pain, less medication. I've been doing a very slow tapering of the Dilaudud @tabs (8mg) per day and at night I just take 800-1000mg of Motrin. My plan is to quit taking the Dilaudid on non PT days which would be Tues Thurs Sat and Sun and take my 2 Dilaudid 1hr before I go for PT. only on Mon Wed and Fri.  My question is do you guys think this is a good plan?  Would you do it differently?  Am I likely to have wd's and if so which herbals are best for me to have on hand? don't want to do the whole Thomas recipe route. Please, please give me suggestions.  Thank you for your time.

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DeeDee~~   When did you post this to me??

Anyway,your plan sounds good to me. MRSA !!   That's horrible for you...

Do you think you can try getting back to the Percocet?  Instead of Dilaudid?  With the hope of then tapering that as you further improve?

It's hard to know if you'll have withdrawals.  How about giving it a try and see how you feel?  I think you'll be fine but can't know for sure...Just keep posting while you put your plan into action and we'll see what happens.

Good luck~
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You should ask your surgeon to help you with a taper plan so you won't question your efforts.  Good luck to you and hope you feel better.
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I agree with Vicki about droping to the percs sort of a way of tapering to the lesser of 2 evils.. I also agree with chronic about speaking with your Dr. so sorry about the MRSA as I know it can be debilitating and was very Pleased for you that you changed Hospitals D'r's.. There will be wd and you may feel uncomfortable on the days you do not take them but it is a beginning I send a prayer as I write for this to be resolved so you can get on with your life.. lesa
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as for herbals I have found Valerian root works well for anxiety and Hylands restful leg (our a knock off) helped with rls.. Melatonin for sleep.. you may want to check into the amino acid protocol bottom right as I have read good things about their use.. I wish you the very best.
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I didn't get to say all I wanted because of the 800 letters limit.  I really want you to know that I didn't mean to sound accusatory or to offend you in any way.  I would not blame you for feeling indignant when you asked when did I post to you.  I'm still floundering around on this website. Giving advice to the wrong person and answering posts from two years ago.  It's embarrassing. I feel like I should just read and be quiet. LOL! I have alot of respect for you and you're doing a wonderful job. When you see I made a blunder feel free to correct me.  I'm not as young as I used to be.  I'm sorry.


Btw. I know not to throw the Dilaudid pills into the toilet.
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Oh Dear!!  I wasn't indignant at all !!!   I was afraid I missed a post from you and just felt badly.

Stick with this post and I'll find you!  

Call the doctor about switching to Percocet,okay?

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Hi Dee!  I'm sorry you are going through this and trying to find your way around here can be frustrating I'm sure!  I agree that going back to the percocet and tapering with that is best if your doc agrees too.  Dilaudid will be hard to get off of even if you DO taper it!!!  It's still strong even when you have tapered to a small dose, understand?  It is just WAY strong!!!  Percocet is more doable to stop after a taper in my opinion!  Your doctor could be a big help to you with a taper plan and possibly some meds to help you be more comfortable.  Also, he can monitor your BP and make sure that your other health issues don't become a factor!

Keep us posted, sweetie!  You will get a lot of good advice and help here!
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I have not been on MH for quite some time, but I wanted to let u all know that I am free of narcotics.  I downgraded to the Percs from Dilaudid.  I did it alone without any medical intervention. I'm a retired RN, btw.  I feel wonderful and my entire life has changed for the better.  Unfortunately, since I am an extremely high strung widow who depended heavily on her husband to run her life, I am still on Prozac.  Sometimes, I even have to take Xanax 1mg once/day. I still struggle with staying away from cigs.  I smoked for 19yrs and had quit for 32yrs.  My smokestack cousin came to live with me since my husband passed away and next thing I knew I began occasionally bumming cigs from her until I began buying my own. I am really dismayed over this. The root of my problem is anxiety.  I tend to panic easily and always see the worst case scenario in every problem.  However, I'm trying to work on this with prayer and determination.  It's just hard not to be taking ANYTHING. I rarely drink alcohol.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Do you think my former drug dependancy, for my pain, has alot to do with my problem, now?
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Hi DeeDee!   Great to hear from you!  You're doing great!!   So,smoking is the issue?? Well, I'm the last person to offer advice in that department!  I think there's a smoking cessation group...I'll look around for you.  Also, there are some members who have "been there". One is Jade59 and the other is Laurel453, I think.

Keep in touch!!
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Thanks for the encouraging words.  Laurel has been one of the people that I connected with regularly.  She was in, and may still be, in the same boat as me.  She cut out the drugs but can't quit smoking for the same reason. Anxiety.  I intend to write and see how she is doing and we can compare notes and support each other.
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Good!  Talk with Jade also. She's got a lot of smoke free days behind her!

Good luck!!
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my method for quitting involved cold turkey for as long as i could stand it (till about 4:00 p.m. of my first day into quitting)....then i chewed my first piece of nicorette 4mg gum. it didn't 'make it all better'....but it reduced the urge enough for me to keep going. for the first couple weeks, i used the gum. after that, i went it on my own. its VERY hard...but the gum does make it just a little bit easier than cold turkey. some people use chantix....i don't know what the success rate is for that, but i do know that it was so hard for me to quit that the quitting process alone prevents me from smoking when i get the urge. i remember how hard it was to quit and DON'T want to do it again. it was horrible! in fact, i don't think i COULD do it again.

the way i did it was 6 months of wanting a cigarette all day, every day. after that, i started to not care so much about them. today, 2 years and 2 months later, i get an urge maybe every couple weeks or so. i still think about smoking, but i don't really get major urges very often anymore.

hope you find a way that works for you! life is much easier not worrying about smoke breaks. haha. good luck
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