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September Congrats!!!!!!

Today is a Very Special Day for one of our Loved ones on here & another yr down for myself!!
DS should be MRS today and I am very happy for this Beautiful lady. She has been one of my Rocks since 2012. Congratulations DS and to your new Hub as well. You are the best!!! I know the Wedding is a Knock Out!!

Today I have 4yrs off of my addictive prescriptions, street drugs and so fourth, around 13-14-15 yrs off of Booze, but I have forgot that one because it has been to many yrs, however, just sub one for the other. It has not been a easy road to get here, but it was worth it all the way. I had SO many bumps of terrible news along the way, from loosing both parents & in-law, friends, dogs, in a short time, to finding out I had a silent heart attack and had to have two stents put in....WOW!! Talk about being scared straight. I had been doing tons of aftercare and from many different sources, to finally sitting still with my Bible Study & Church! Still hit them meetings too!! We do not come hooked overnight, so one thing to know is that it does take time to heal this disease. We will always have this disease, but it can be arrested at some point and recovery begins. Everyday I must put on my Armour and always keep that Guard Up! This Disease is NO JOKE and it can kick your Brain right back into that Stinken Thinken at any given moment. Changes & More Changes have to happen. Beware or Avoid Triggers. Everyone gets to a point where they become more in tune with what they need to be doing in order to stay clean. I am proud of my MH friends on here for doing so. You can take that bad habit that becomes grooved in your Brain and change it to a New one. Work-Time & Patience to do so...There are many books and videos out here about Addiction and the Brain, as I have found this to really say my ash too. ANYWAY!!! Congratulations DS and WE are proud that YOU are clean & sober today!!

Bless ALL
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Vic, i couldnt be any more happy and proud of you!  You have stood strong relying on your faith and recovery during some very devastating times.  I believe that is what got you tru.  I want you to go out at 5(your time) today and look around at all you have and then crank the Eagles!!  You are a wonderful friend to me and i am so happy to share this road with you.  Congrats on 4 yrs and Happy Anniversary!  Love you Vic~

I am trying to choke down some crackers.  I swear i am going to break out in hives or throw up!!!  6 hrs and counting!!
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Were it not for MH, I never would have met you two.
I am truly grateful for our friendships♥♥

My heart is overjoyed for you both♥+♥
Thank you for the great examples you are to all of us~
Big congrats on 4 yrs vickie. I'm so proud of ya, You are an inspiration to all who fight this disease. I can tell you are so happy to get another chance at a happy clean life. Have a great anniversary Vickie
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Congrats today Miss Vickie!!! And another congrats to the upcoming MRS!!!
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Congrats Vickie what a great accomplishment!  You have always been so caring and supportive of me.  Happy wedding day Sarah!  love you both
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Grats to both of you special ladies... You are both awesome! xoxo
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DS. It is all over now MRS. Are you 2 on your honeymoon??
Can't wait to see them pictures.
We had our 31st Anniversary on the 21st this month and we both forgot until around 6pm..Hahaha!

Thanks EVERYONE for the Congrats for both of us.
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Congrats on 4yrs that is a huge huge accomplishment you have helped many many people on here including myself thank you.
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Congratulations Vickie!  You have always been a source of inspiration to me!!

And Congratulations to Sarah!  Hope it was a great day for you and that you have a Wonderful life together!

You are both Awesome!!   ♡
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Congratulations Vickie...I can't wait to be where you are today, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other. You have helped me alot in my 97 days I have clean! And another Big congratulations to Dominosarah on your new name and new life as a misses! Thank you also for taking time to help me out in my time of need and thank both you and Vickie for being on this forum and both of your kind hearts! Very happy for both of you!
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Hey Hey a big congrats to Sarah...and you to vick 4 yrs is hugh....I would have responed sooner but life on lifes terms has been hard the last few weeks for my family  last week I was in the hospital with walking pneumonia now this week the wife is in the hospital  my life has been a worl wind but I dident need to use....anyway just want to say congrats to both of you..........Gnarly
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Hope you and your wife are getting better.  There is so much crud going around here too.  Seems once school starts the cold and flu spreads like wild fire.
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