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Seraquel? sp?

Has anyone taken this for sleep?
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yes and it was the most horrible experience.  A friend gave me one when I forgot my sleep meds once.  It wasn't like it just put me to sleep, it was a weird, disjointed unconciousness but I was aware - hard to explain.  I would never ever take this again.  It may work for some but not me.
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Thanks.....I won't go there then....that sounds terrible and it sounds like some other thing to get hooked on when I'm doing well day 6 clean...
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Yea at this point try not to get caught up in taking anything if you possibly can - benedryl or nyquil if I'm desperate for sleep works intermittantly.  Sleep will return but it takes a while unfortunately.  

I am taking a supplement that contains valerian, passionflower, jamaican dogwood and wild lettuce and that is working for ME.  I am also doing a guided meditation I found on youtube about an hour before I go to sleep and then when I go in to sleep I'm listening to binaural beats for sleep and it has made ALL the difference for me.

Sometimes you really have to do some hard internal work, make your sleep habits better and focus on relaxing for sleep to come back - I've had lifelong sleep issues so I really have to work at this but my work is paying off.

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  I never took it, but someone gave my husband a few once, I didn't know he was taking them....and I thought something was seriously wrong with him...it was like he was a robot or something...no emotions whatsoever!  Had I not found them....I would have thought he was  dying or something ...it was awful to say the least!!!!!!!!!  Just give it time ...sleep will come!
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I have taken seroquel for sleep for over 2 years and always get a good nights sleep. The zombie/robot feelings usually come when you take larger amounts. 25mg is enough to make you sleep, they kick in about 40-60 mins after you take them. They make you feel so sleepy and you just feel like you can't stay awake and have to go to bed!
One thing though, when they start to kick in you get terrible munchies! Craving for sweet and carbohydrate foods.

But like the others have said you are doing really well and should avoid taking anything if you can.

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I WOULD NOT take this.  My mother-in-law is prescribed these for sleep and I know that she has had to lock up her meds before taking it because she unintentionally took all her pain meds at once while on the stuff.  Someone also found her in the bathroom and she had wrapped toilet paper around her entire body and of course had no clue why.  It would be funny if it weren't so damn scary.  I really would avoid this at all costs, this stuff has side effects and it's different for everyone.  Some people go crazy on it.....please, use something OTC or melatonin as a lot of people have suggested!!!
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Hi there,

Ultimately it  depends on you. Seroquil is prescribed as an AD, for bi-polar, as a sleep aid, and most likely other things.  Some people on this site take it without incident. Others have problems as indicated in the previous posts.

If you can wait it out, sleep WILL come back;  it's usually the last thing to come back, but it will.  Until it does, you could try Alteril, or Yogi Kava tea, or any of the above mentioned OTC sleep aids. Benedryl almost always works.  Getting in a good workout during daylight hours really helps.

Good luck and I hope your zzzz's return soon!

Sandy ♦
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Thanks...Sounds a little to crazy.  I've been averaging 4 hours since my first night so I shouldn't really complain.  I have to work tomorrow so was hoping to get a regular nights sleep for a change...I'll try benadryl and my sleepy time tea tonight and see if that does well. Last night was my biggest struggle and it had a lot to do with the kid waking up right as I was falling asleep on multiple occasions....Anyways, exhausted but still staying on the right path...
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