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Alright here we go again, allergy season, when it comes, i get BAD pressure in my head, headache is the worst, im taking benadryl extra strength, motrin 800's, NOTHIN is helping. I took a percocet yesterday helped so much, and today im fine, not craving it, at all. im on day 24...was wondering if i took another one today IF I NEEDED it bad enough if it would screw my whole detox up...i dont even wanna take it but it helps so much, its either that or the ER and i think they are sick of me, and just think im a junkie...advice?? im very head strong, im not gonna be taking percocet everyday bc of a headache, its just this pain and pressure and nothing over the counter really works for me, i hate percocet actually my drug of choice was hydrocodone 10/325, so when i take a perk it doesnt phase me in the least, weird huh??? But I need the advice..I have a family party to go to today I cant be all in pain and **** with my head and its OUTSIDE! wonderful....
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I have the same trouble. I take the Zyrtec. take it at night as it will help you sleep. It seems to keep the headaches away. If I forget to take it, I know because I will get a headache.

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i have bad allergies too, especially this time of year and the sinus pressure sucks bad, but i just take tylenol extra stregth and claritin. don't know your story, but you may be playing with fire thinking it's ok to take a perc here and there. ive never been into pills, but as an addict it's only a matter of time i would get hooked on something else. sorry your in pain, but don't fall back into that trap. hope your headache goes away and you enjoy your party today.
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