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So i am day 10 of being sober off of a 6 year vicodin habit of 40 tabs of 750mg a day and cant get more than 3 hours of sleep a night. I just got a script from my doc for Seroquel and he says it will help with my sleep and anxiety. But he says it will be about 3-4 days of feeling pretty poor. I am feeling better every day and the last thing i want to do is go through 4 days of feeling like c r a p. I have tried Lunesta, melatonin and benadryl with no luck. However my sleep is non-existant and so badly needed. Should i try the seroquel for a night? I have read pros and cons about it.
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Sounds like it might be a tad extreme -- as you discovered, it's a "novel" anti-psychotic with sedative properties. Why didn't he give you a week's supply of benzos or Ambien? No repeats, just seven days and no more ... even safer would be an ancient anti-depressant called trazodone. Knocks you on your *** for the first few days, so you could ask for that one -- not addictive.

I know someone who went through medical detox -- this person had a BIG habit -- who got Seroquel AND Zyprexa (another Seroquel-type drug), and doesn't remember the w/ds, so maybe ...
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I agree I take 150 mg of Trazodone each night an dI love it. Start off with 50mg but it is also a very good anti'depress at levels of 300 or so. But yes for sleep you cannot beat it its great. Do not take in the AM though . That other **** personally I do not like Ambien, lunestar never worked well wehen going through the wds.
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My doc wanted me to take 50mg at night and 25 in the am. It seems like i would be a zombie all day and that cant happen as i have a 20 month old. Should i try it for one night and see?
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I was given Seroquel in the hospital for sleep and it made me sleep a lot for a couple of days.  After 5 days it only made me sleep at night. It lost it's effectiveness after a couple of weeks though. I take Trazadone now and It works pretty well for me.  

Don't take Ambien if you can avoid it. It's a Benzodiazapine and is addictive. I took Ambien for over 2 years and when I went to detox I quit that too. Went right to Trazadone and it worked right away...even in acute withdrawl and sleeping on a hospital bed like a bag of rocks. I really like it.
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Do you think i should try the Seroquel at like 25mg, half a tab, to get some sleep tonite? I havnt slept for more than 4 hours in the past few nights.
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Trazadone did nothing for me.
That was the first thing they prescribed me.......made my body feel really drunk and lazy like I could fall asleep while standing.
Bit when I laid down.......Did nothing

Plus its a antidepressant, and will mess with your chemicals in your brain.

You know what your anxiet and lack of sleep is from, so that should let your mind ease a bit.

I say you stick with the melatonin "sometimes it doesnt just knock you out.....just help adjust your hormones" at night.

Stay away from Physc meds, they'll just mess you up worse
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Ok, i am convinced not to take the seroquel now after reading about it on this site. I came up with my own recipe for tonite. We'll see how it works. Here is the recipe: 1000mg Glutamine, 1000mg Magnesium, 10mg of melatonin(going to get better stuff/ sublingual from GNC tomorrow), 2 tabs of Benadryl and a bath with some lavender "frew frew" stuff that my wife bought me. Whatever it takes. The samples of seroquel my doc gave me are going in the trash and so is the script. Wish me luck.
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I took seroquel for a couple of nights and it did wonders for me.  I got me sleep, kept me asleep and didn't wake up groggy.  But I just took it for 3 days and it just got my sleeping back on track..  But everybody reacts differently to meds. Like people swear by benadryl that stuff sends me to the ER because my heart rate goes so high, trazadone doesn't do a thing for me, OTC gives me the jitters ( like I have had to much coffee) Ativan works pretty good but work better for relaxing then sleeping and Imovane (that is what it is called here in Canada, and i believe it is the same as ambien ) Does help me sleep.  I am a bit time insomniac, have been all my life, it has nothing to do with coming off of opiates for me it is just my life so I think I have tried pretty much everything. Just do your research and make the right choice for you.
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TRY THE SEROQUEL!!!! Put me right out!!! Seriously, this med works @ the correct dose. Lunesta did nothing for me! I have a high benzo tolerance and opiate tolernace and 25mg put me out like a baby @ ffirst 4 me. Almost feels like anesthesia 4 me as I felt paralyzed and then went out like light. Follow ur dr's instructions. Good luck

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hi. this is my experience with seraqual. it gave me BAD night terrors. !!! every time i took it. flushed them all down now. have you tried trazadone? it...plus melatonin helps me alot. hope you get some sleep. i have struggled with that issue for years. i know how cruddy it feels not to sleep. good luck.
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i take 100 mg. of trazadone and have problems with my left leg kicking.,all night.
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Ambien is not a benzo! It is not nearly the same in terms of addiction as a benzo. With ambien you become dependent on the sleep you are getting and rely on ambien to provide. Certainly when you try to sleep without it you won't be able to, but you don't have withdrawal symptoms like you do with a benzo.
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