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Seroquel XR 150mg

I took my last dose of methadone yesterday morning.  Was at 85 mg and detoxed 3mg A DAY and today took the last dose of a whopping 6mg.  I got my script for suboxone today but won't be filling it until Friday.  Dr. gave me sample Seroquel XR 150mg to help me sleep the next few days.

My question, I have taken REGULAR Seroquel before, 50mg, and it knocked my arse out!!!  I see everywhere it says to NOT crush, cut, chew the XR.  I don't want to take the entire 150mg.  That is too much.  Will it hurt anything if I take the 150mg pill and cut it into 4 pieces and only take one of the 1/4 pieces?

I understand they say that cutting it can allow too much of the med into your system at once, but if the 1/4 piece is only roughly 38mg, then there shouldn't be an issue right?

I haven't slept in 3 days and I'm so, so damn tired so any quick answers would be so wonderful!!!  Just found this site yesterday and you all are a freakin' Godsend I tell you!!!!!
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Wow, that's a huge dose to start off with. I think starting dosage is something like 50mg a day. I tried it once, took half a 25mg pill and was a zombie for 2 days. I wouldn't screw with the pill cutting. That's dangerous since you can't confirm what dosage you'll get. I'd call that doctor and ask for 25mg pills (maybe 10 of them so the cost wouldn't be outrageous). I urge people to take their Doctor's advice, but I agree with your apprehension about taking such a large dose.
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Thanks for the suggestion.  I'm still VERY tempted to take it because I NEED to sleep or I'm going to go crazy.  Maybe I'll call the pharmacy and see what the pharmacists has to say.  He/she will probably call me a f***ing idiot for even asking!!
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Hey that is a pretty high dose to start with. My advice would be to only take about 25mg because if your coming off an opiate or mehtadone it will cause the leg cramps or "kicking" bad at that high a dose and you won't get any sleep! So start low you can always go higher! good luck
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Thanks again.  I took one of the 1/4 pieces over an hour ago.......no tiredness or sleepiness at all.

Took another 1/4 piece about 30 min ago and still no change at all.  Wide awake ironing, doing laundry, not tired one freaking bit.  This ***** bad.  I'm so freakin sleep deprived.
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not sure but i believe u have the time release seaquil..it is to treat biplar disoder and lasts for 24 hrs..otherwise the dose would not be so large...check u7r bottle with the pharmacist to be sure..but i am thinking it is the time release form and if uswallow it whol u will be a zombie tomorow as well..if u break the pill then u break the time release part of the pill which is usually in the coating of the pill..so if u had a 100 mg and broke it into 1/4 of a pill, u would quickly receive 25 mgs...seraquil is a potent sleep med unless u r bipolar..i would talk to my dr and if u r using this for sleep u need the instant release tabs....in wds u would need more but 25 mgs of seraquil instant release is enuf to knock an elphant out...talk with ur physician
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i just re-read ur post...XR is time released/ie extended release..which is more often rx-d for bipolar/disorders..and IR/ instant release would be rx-d for sleep
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