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ShellBell79...am worried for her!!

First off please don't put this in the social section.... but anyway Shellbell79's puppy was hit and killed Christmas night in front of her and she held this puppy while it passed on. Needless to say, she is so stricken with grief. I have talked and talked to her and I am concerned for her. I know that during these times we get stressed to use and she needs everyone's suport and love on this forum as she is best known here, not the social side. I am sure many can relate to this heartache however due to nature of the death, she is blaming herself. Let's give her a BIG CYBER HUG ALL!!!

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I am so sorry to hear about her puppy.  It is hard to lose our pets as they become our family.  Here is a big hug to her..........sara
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I am so sorry to hear about your puppy.   So Sorry.
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shell, i am so sorry.  heres a hug and  let me know if you need to talk.
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shellbell...with deepest sympathy....i m tearing just thinking about you holding that sweet puppy...God bless you and yours...maria :(
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I am so so sorry. I know that little one knew you were there....Hugs to you.
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