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Took the better half out shopping this afternoon. About halfway throuh my herniated disc sent me a message. The message was, that I was trying to do too much too quick. Of course I had no intention of halting the shopping because it felt good to roam a little, As it happened i bent down to pick up an object on a lower shelf and felt a snap, like an elastic band in my back and when I straightned up all the pain was gone. Of course not being too smart I opened up all jets and sped through the store with my wife playing catch up. By the time I reached the cashier I was slightly out of breath and feeling great. Then, POW! my baback said 'It's my turn now and as you probably guessed I limped and struggled to the car leaving my wife to pack in all the groceries. After a short tongue lashing,which I had earned, we headed for my son's where I practically inhaled two tylenol. When we arrived home I was quite mad at myself for overdoing it and plunked down on the sofa. A my butt hit the cushion I again felt the snap and all was well again. Up to now I am in very little pain. I have figured out one thing for sure. When a herniated disc speaks, LISTEN.
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Seeing as several people are giving short bios here is mine.
I am an 80 year old man, named Mannie,with five children, twelve grandchildren and six great grandchildren. I came to this forum due to being prescribed Oxycontin which I was on for only a month. By month's end I had had enough of the stuff and went c/t. It was at that point, when the withdrawal began that  I realized what everyone here is going through. In researching withdrawal etc. on the internet,  I accidentally came across this forum which turned out to be a life saver and the best thing that could have happened. The following days as you know were not exactly a walk in the park. It took me about two months, with all the help from the wonderful people here, to get back to normal.  For this I will always be grateful to all. There are really no words that that can say enough in regards to all the  help and support I received here, so I hope a simple a simple "Thank you," will do. Keep the faith people.
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Sorry to hear of your back problems.  I have something similar (post polio syndrome) and have learned I can no longer go shopping because of the cement floors in the businesses.  A few minutes on those floors and I am in serious pain.

I am the father of six and we have eight grandchildren with another due in June.

I am now in Week 9 of w/d and recovery.  The only "challenges" left are sleeping through the night and regaining my energy.  

Let's keep in touch.  

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