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Should I be nervous???

I am 30 weeks pregnant.  Around the 4-6 month period I was on tramadol and my ob said to stop taking them, which I did for the most part.  But starting around last month I haven't been sleeping, my arms throb all night and still into the day and my mother in law happened to have oxycodone 5's right at hand.  I took probably more than I should have but not enough to even get withdrawls, I have never withdrawn from anything.  But 3 days ago was the last of those I took because I'm scared they are going to test me at the hospital and I would die if they took Hunter.  Today I had 1.5 of a vicoden instead because I heard they are a bit better and don't affect u as much, tomorrow I will have nothing, and from then until Nov. 18th i will have nothing.  People keep saying to tell your OB which I've considered BUT I don't want to GIVE them a reason to test me at the hospital if there is no need too.  I'm not withdrawing, I'm not taking anything else, but during my whole pregnancy (at least since I found out about it) I have had the oxycodone, a few hydrocodone and a couple diladid towards the beginning. So I'm way more worried about them finding out I took a few diff kinds off and on rather than only one kind for a long period of time.  What do I do???  Tell me OB and hope they don't take it the wrong way or because it wasn't for an extended period of time and no withdraws just leave it be since my urine will be clean at birth???   So worried, please help!!
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I would have to say definitely tell ur OB.  They have seen it all before.  They know the difference between people who want to get high and ppl who are more concerned with their baby.  If you tell them the truth it will show them that u care about ur baby and that u wanna do the right thing.  If they test u and find out...idk what will happen.  You have an innocent baby inside of you that's just along for the ride.  You need to tell your OB what you are taking and they will help you.  Also, can I ask why you were taking all these pain meds?  Do you have pain?  My sister was prescribed Percocet when she was pregnant because she had terrible pain at the end of her pregnancy but the tramadols were a no no they said.  Something about crossing the blood barrier?  There are nurses on here that will be able to give you better advice but honesty is usually the best policy in most cases.  Esp when there's an innocent life involved.
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also...if u keep taking opiates on a regular basis...ur baby could have withdrawals at birth.  And believe me u don't want that.  Do u have pain?  If you have a lot of pain ur doctor will probably prescribe u something but u hafta be up front with them.
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I only took the different kinds because it was the only thing around at the time, I know it sounds bad, but it was very hard for me to wake up with throbbing arms and back for weeks straight, I work all day and to not sleep all night because of that was really hard.  So it wasn't that I was SEEKING the pills out, people just knew how bad I was feeling and offered me a few every now and then.  I really do want to tell my OB but Im freaking out about it.  I probably will end up telling him, doc appointment on Monday morning, since all 3 of the different kinds I took were all opiates I'm thinking about just telling him I was taking the oxycodone off and on for a couple months but I'm not anymore.  I think that will lessen his reaction and give me a better chance of a good outcome.  Do you think that is an okay thing to do?
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have you EVER been prescribed the oxy or hydro before?? even before pregnant??

if you truly have only taken a few, then you could just say you had some left and took 1 or 2.  IF you have really been taking them consistently, then tell your dr.  you want them prepared for everything when baby is born.

really, i would tell the dr anyway.  just so it is on record.  

it is becoming common to test the first poop which will show anything taken from 20 weeks on.  not worth the risk.  
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oh and don't take ANYTHING else.  unless you have been taking on a regular basis.  then dr will set taper plan
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oh and they CAN tell the kind of opiate taken, so don't lie about that.  
it tests specifically for each kind NOT just opiates
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I just started reading your posts...is Hunter another child of yours? Who is testing you? Urinalysis, for drug testing? When I hear a pregnant woman wondering if she should tell her physician she's been taking un prescribed narcotics, it makes me think that CPS, or legal probation, or something, not good is going on.

First, no one should ever take narcotic medicine prescribed to someone else. If a person is in enough pain to justify taking a narcotic, there is no good reason not to obtain a legal prescription. So, there are a lot of undercurrents in your posts that I think we need to know about before we can advise you!

Some pregnant women must have narcotic medication because of a legitimate condition, from what I know, when prescribed properly, and being monitored by a physician, it is safe even with a developing fetus. However, the physician will be actively treating the mother, and they will be doing something when it gets closer to the time of birth because, yes, the baby will be born physically dependent upon the narcotic, just as the mother would be.

There should be no question about being truthful with the physician about what a pregnant woman is taking, but it is illegal to take narcotics not prescribed to you, and for the person giving their prescribed narcotic to another! If you are already in legal trouble...steps need to be taken to keep you and others out of more trouble. Need to know more facts.

I'm new to this site, but if you can, or want to, message me privately, I can try and give you what wisdom and assistance I can. Reaching out here, smart thing to do! ❤️ Kathy
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When you tell your OB, be honest about everything, even your embarrassment. Ask for help with the reasons you used them. You posted this in an addiction forum, do you think you have addiction issues or potential? Tell them that answer. Go in there looking for genuine help, they will see your sincerity or dishonesty, like said above, they have seen it all. They have seen much worse than your situation, so put the baby first. That is really what you are anxious about, right? The baby's health? Anxiety is just as bad as drugs for an unborn, so release your stress and tell the truth. Then you can focus on the baby and not have to worry about this anymore. You can be mom and make things right for your new family member. Congrats by the way. My kids mean the world to me, I would do ANYTHING to protect them.
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Never had any CPS involvement and Hunter is the baby in the belly.  :)  Have 2 kids already, I really want to tell doc and yes it looks really bad that I've taken more than one kind, but the way they do things down here is really strict so he might take it way worse than it is and they might not even find anything in baby's first poo.  So idk what to do.  keep going over and over it in my head and getting really stressed out   :(
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Why do you think that they would take your baby away from you? Just because you've been taking someone else's narcotics? Are they testing your urine for drugs? If so, why? Have you had issues with your other kids? What is your pain because of?...or is it addiction, or to get "high". Those are all way different things, and I just don't think anyone would be rushing to take a newborn from his mommy! ❤️Kathy
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Whose they? "The way way do things down here" Where is down here too? Are you taking narcotics everyday? The only reason I could even see that would cause intervening and taking custody of your baby would be that he is born, addicted, and doctors had no idea! They will know that Hunter is suffering as soon as he starts having withdrawal symptoms...that would be bad! You still have time to get things together...tell me what's got you thinking these things are going to happen! ❤️Kathy
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Like I said...they will understand if you have pain.  They will most likely even prescribe you something.  But they will be WAY less understanding if they find out another way ie urine tests, baby's first poo...etc.  If you have legit pain than u really have no reason to be worried about telling ur doctor that u took something a few times...even if it was different things.  They will realize that ur A. trying to do the best thing for ur baby and B. trying to be forthcoming and totally transparent.  They hear stuff like this all the time.  Ur not the first one to say "hey i'm in excruciating pain and took a vicodin here and a Percocet there..."  Trust me they will be more than happy to help you and will appreciate ur honesty.  Its  not like u have been stealing prescription pads or something.  Yes its illegal to take other ppls scrips but they aren't going to take ur baby because  of it...if u tell them and tell them the 100% truth about everything.  Like I said, they know the difference between caring moms who made a mistake cuz of legit pain and ppl who are trying to get high and hide things despite their being pregnant.  U don't want to appear selfish and unconcerned about ur baby by keeping it a secret.  You have nothing to worry about.  Is this a doctor you have had with ur other 2 kids?  I'm assuming the doctor knows u have some pain issues since they know u were on tramadol.
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Listen, just tell the doctor the truth. His job is to help you have a safe pregnancy. He'll ask how you've been. Tell him! You can't sleep, your limbs are throbbing, you had some Percocet and you've taken some for the last month. Just say it. He'll ask you why you didn't call him with this problem and you'll say you don't know but you feel terrible about it and need his help and reassurance.  Tell him you're scared and worried.  He can reassure you and all will be well.

And then you don't put another pill in your mouth. Period.  Okay?
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Hi girl : )
I think you know what to do, i think you want to tell the doctor but your worried about what may happen if you consider it.
But if they find out accidently, this is not good and child protection will step in, they always find out, one way or another.
Im a former addict who used in pregnancy, this still haunts me to this day and always will.
The best thing i ever did was confront child protection and tell them " im a heroin addict and i need you to help me ".
If you keep this a secret, this gives you the excuse to dabble again.
Im confused as to what your mother in-law was doing giving you Oxy's, this drug is known as " legal heroin ".
Please dont think for a second anyone on this forum is judging you, especially me, its just very personal to me whenever a pregnant woman tells of her using any drug, weather its because she is addicted or just dabbling : )
Your baby's brain is still growing at this crucial time and having cocktails of any drug is so dangerous to a growing babies brain.
Im sure this is causing you much stress at the moment just knowing if you should be honest or not, the fact is we have all said yes, you must tell !!!
Please stay safe and just consider telling your treating doctor.
We all wish you nothing but the best and for bubby too, take care : )
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that actually helps me alot, i made the decision this morning after reading all your guys's comments and a few other things to tell him everything i took and every time i took it that i can remember, and hope for the best outcome.  the only thing im worried about now is i read a couple posts of peoples that still got their kids taken away even tho they stopped a month or two before birth.         But even tho I'm worried I'm going to tell him!!  I can sleep better knowing that its off my chest and its all out there.  And trust me I havent taken another one since i decided not to anymore, there is even some at my house still and it hasnt even crossed my mind, so hopefully he understands.....  
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u made the right choice.  don't worry about anything.  ur doing the best thing for ur baby.  it will be fine, you'll see.  post back and let us know how it went.
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Hi, im so glad your making this "hard" decision to tell.
You know, taking a child from a mother, is the absolute last resort any government agency wants to do.
If your helping yourself, your helping your baby, they will see this by you being honest.
Years ago, i had my girl who was 2 yrs old at the time, she got very sick and was admitted to hospital where she spent almost 6 months.
She went into hospital very underweight, vomitting if she ate anything, a soiled nappy 15 times a day for 3 months strait, her hair was falling out, her skin under her eyes were grey and bruised, she wouldnt play or smile anymore and spent most days on my lap trying to cry but had no energy to, she looked 8 months pregnant.
Now, in those 3 months she was gravely ill, we took her to 4 different doctors who said "there is nothing wrong with her". My god, are you kidding me, i kept saying, "look at her, my daughter looks like she is dying".
But, they kept sending me home everytime.
One day, she got so bad, we took her to emergency for the second time and they evaluated her and once again, tried to send us home.
My partner screamed at the doctors and said, " she is not fu##ing going home, your going to admit her", we begged and begged to admit her, security came and the doctor finally admitted her.
They did test after test and found nothing wrong with her.
Then, a few days later, i told them, im a heroin addict !!
Would you believe within half an hour, child protection was at our daughters bed. Between child protection and the doctors, they came to the conclusion we were starving our daughter to death, malnutrition they said, all because i told them "honestly", im a heroin addict. I couldnt believe what i was hearing, it felt like a dream.
4 days later, more tests came back, and would you believe, my daughters diagnosis was " Coeliac's Disease " she was dying of "Renal Failure" because she was highly allergic to Gluten.
The doctors said if we has of left it one more day to come to hospital, she would of died in 3 weeks, and there was nothing by that stage they could do for her.
Talk about a nightmare, no apology for accusing me of starving my daughter. They just said, well you should of bought her in sooner.
Are you kidding me i said, why dont you ring the 4 diff doctors i took her to who sent me home and the hospital who turned us away once and almost made it twice.
She checked, confirmed and still no apology.
After almost 6 months in hospital being judged by every person who worked on the ward, it was time to discharge her, but she wasnt going home with us, she was put in care for 3 months.
They thought we couldnt handle my daughters illness.
After jumping through hoops, we got her back.
My point is, i hated child protection for so long, but i only hated them because i was still using.
After that, i got on the sub program and child protection helped me every way they could. They were fantastic with us.
Then after 1 year, they closed the case.
We havent looked back since, so it was kind of a blessing in disguise  to have child protection in our life. It still hurts they automatically assumed it was starvation instead of an illness, but you have to understand, people lie to them all the time and all they have, is the best interest at heart for the child and getting the parents to recognise they are only looking out for the safety of the family.
I think you will be fine, but honestly goes a long way : )
I do feel for you having pain, but we cant self medicate.
I just wanted to share my story with you, i think really you will have no problem with child protection !!!
: ) take care.
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