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Should u be honest with your obgyn if your pregnant and have a drug addiction?

I have a friend who is 11 weeks pregnant and her pregnancy was unplanned. Before she got pregnant she was trying to quit her use of heroine and meth but as soon as she found out she was pregnant she started using methadone instead. I think she should be honest with her doctor but she is afraid that she will get the baby taken away. Does anyone know what happens to mother and baby if they she is honest about what is going on. Will she lose the baby?
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Regardless she should be honest. The Dr would have the resources for her to get help, and it would allow the Dr follow the baby properly in case of health issues due to the addiction. I'm not sure if they would automatically take the baby or not, and I know it would suck to have your baby taken away, but the harsh reality is if she doesn't get proper help, and precautions for the baby aren't taken the baby could have irreversible damage or even not make it. Having your baby taken away is still better then that.   I would think if she worked closely with CPS and proved she could stay clean they may reconsider. If she doesn't tell anyone and the baby tests positive at birth, they will most deffinently take the baby.
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Having your child taken away is not a bad thing for someone who is addicted to drugs. The number one concern should be the child.
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Yes she should be honest with the Doctor. Later on if she isn't they can show up at the hospital and take the baby. If she isn't honest and doesn't get help she will lose her baby. It happened to one of my friends. She is also putting the babies life in danger.
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Hi there.  Oh gosh, I'm sure she is scared.  Doctors WILL work with her.  The important thing is honesty.  They can care for her and her baby.  So, encourage her to talk to her doctor.  Best wishes to her and hope it all goes smoothly.  
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I don't think she will lose the baby if she's honest up front they may try to help her since it's still very early and it's her wanting the help idk where you guys are at but here in Cali they test babies and if they test her baby and the baby has drugs in their system the baby will deff get tooken away..so I think she has a better chance in telling and getting help then to wait and in the end her baby still gets taken....and by her doing drugs she can cause that baby soo many birth defects so now she's dealing with an addiction she needs help with a new born with problems because babies that have addictions have withdraws as any addict and who knows what else the baby will suffer from.....that's a lot to deal with!  She needs to think about all that.
I agree! Being upfront now and her getting help will show that she's wanting the best for her baby and I'm pretty sure they won't take her baby. But like this poster said, almost all hospitals in all states test babies and if she's not honest, CPS will automatically get involved. So, being upfront and honest now is in her and her baby's best interest.
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honesty is always the best policy.
methadone is definitely way better than heroin or meth for the baby.
she needs to get into counseling and support groups, NA,AA,
celebrate recovery.
huni are you the one who is pregnant?
Thank u all for your advice, it is strictly for a friend of mine who I'm concerned about. If I was pregnant I would get the advice for me but no not I, I'm done having children haha
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I was pregnant and on drugs, and as long as you are straight with your OB, they can help you. If she continues to use heroin and meth, child services can get involved, so it is important that she talk to her OB.
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