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Sick As A Dog

I have been taking 10 750 vicodins 1 200 mg Ultram and 4 65 darvons a day for about the last year how long does the withdrawel take? The worst is back pain belly pain and depression if I start taking the drugs again it goes away what is areasonable time for this to go away? Thanks
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usually lasts about 4-7 days.
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oh but the worst is the first few days. then you just have to deal with the mental pain.
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Thanks I almost do no want to know but what is the mental pain??
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just depression and figuring out why you started taking them in the first place (if it wasnt for a legitimate reason) anxiety etc.....
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Thanks for your response I started using for back pain it was so bad i could not even drive my car or walk 15 ft. I knew the vicodin was addictive but knew nothing of ultram or darvon the Doc told me they where not addicting. Right now it seems like it would be easy to just take the damn pills. Hope I can last it out.
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your looking at 5 days of heavy flu symtoms..........
grab some amodium and somthing PM to help you sleep........

focus on about 5 days then it will become a big frigging mental game.......
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mixing the ultram in there might make it a tad harder as well. Those are hell to get off alone..
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right now its really bad just knowing taking the pills will make it better damn im hurting.
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you could try tapering off them. every 3 days take one less than you did the day before and so on until you get to the last 3 days then start splitting them in halves, in quarters, etc...but just do one kind. dont do that will all.
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i meant dont do that with all 3 meds. just try tapering from one.
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yeah lots of people (self included) are tapering or have tapered successfully. It's a hell of a lot easier than going cold turkey...
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An addict binges it is in their nature that is why there addicts they cannot control the amount of intake of narcotics.........
The drugs have the power not the addict..........

If the addict got a bottle of oxycotins and took it as perscribed they would not be an addict at worst they would be chemical dependent........

Some here will try to say that oxycotin is not taken for a buzz........
thats bull..........
An addict is going to have fun with oxycotins ..........

I am not saying it is impossible for an addict to taper down using suboxone or subutex  but to taper with disapline with oxycotins, perc, vics, thats a joke........
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