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Sleep Problems melatonin

Hey Again, Sorry for all the posts agian, but does anyone know about this Melatonin? I looked ont the health boards but couldn't find how muc you should take. Is it based on height and weight? Thansk!
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I would google it honestly I dont remeber I did not base it on hight or weight I think on read the label on the bottle and went from there what does the bottle say?
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Hey Avis, Nothing on the botte and my friend Google didn't have clear answers either. We'll see if someone that has experience comes along and offers some advice. If not I'll start at the lowest dose (1mg).
Forgot to mention I am 5-4" and like 125ish...
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hey I just printed out a pamphlet from this website from this doctor that talks about melatonin for withdrawals and sleep:
but its for any withdrawals....
Melatonin…dosages vary…this is a hormone released from the pinal gland in the human body at night time for sleep…this is essential for those coming off opioids…in my experience as little as 1 mg to 30 mg has been effective…do what you have  to do…I’ve had addicts coming off $100.00 a day habits sleep 4 hours the first night…start low and add 3-5 mg every half-hour till sleep…research on healthy volunteers using up to 100 mg of melatonin in a single dose shows little side effects…Melatonin is also known as a very strong antioxidant with 1000 times the potency as Vit E…Take only at night when you would be going to bed at the regular time…the room must be dark…that’s the way this hormone is released in the natural state…
Hope this helps you!!
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Way to go on day 18 . I have found melatonin to be very helpful for me . I am trying to use it every other night .But it certainly seems to help without side affects good luck and stay strong
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You guys are awesoem. Thansk so much Better!
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