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Sleep after Oxy cessation?

Hey all, another long time lurker, first time poster.

My story:

I used Oxycontin for about 6 weeks (20-40 mg), then went off for 4 months, then used again for 6 weeks (30-60mg), went off for 4 months, and now I had been using it for 10 straight weeks at 40-80mg a day.

So in the past year, I have totaled about 22 weeks -- or 5-6 months -- of on and off Oxycontin use.

I am on Day 4 off of them, coming off of 80mg/day for 10 weeks. I have been going to NA every day, which is something that has been rewarding and something I neglected the other times I slipped up. Anyway, for whatever reason, I had very very slight chills, sweats, nausea, slight depression on Day 1. No aches or pains since I stopped (thank God). Day 2-4, no pains, chills, sweats, etc.

The ONLY two symptoms I have on Day 4 now are insomnia and anxiety/rapid heart rate. I have not slept the last 2 nights, and have been up for 48+ hours. The anxiety isn't so bad -- the anxiety really only occurs when I'm in bed thinking about my insomnia.

Anyway, is it true that sleep is the last thing to come back? I mean, luckily I skipped all the coughing, sneezing, aching, sweating, chilling, etc. (or will they come on Days 5+?)

I just want to SLEEP! I feel like a zombie.

Other things:

Started using L-Tyrosine + B6, which has been a godsend. Never tried it before.

Have been forcing myself to exercise and to the steam room each day, which helps with the detox, I feel.

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Watch the L-Tyrosine, it made me crazy jittery which makes it hard to sleep.  Did the insomnia start with the l-tyro?  Insomnia is a normal symptom of course and can easily go away for a few days at ANY time, especially the first month, relax.

I loved the comment about the anxiety occuring thinking about the insomnia.  Exactly.

Yes sleep comes back last.  We don't get to choose the order they leave unfortunately, and although I think we could choose better, we certainly could get worse and eat boxes more immodium!!!!!

Keep it going, you're doing all the right things,

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Thanks a lot for the response, Bob. I really do appreciate it.

Hmmmm, that's actually a great question. The other times I stopped using Oxycontin, I never had much trouble sleeping during the withdrawal phase -- and I also never used L-Tyrosine. This is my first time using L-Tyro, and it's also the first time I've had sleepless nights. You may be onto something...

But yeah, during the day I don't have anxiety. It is only when the lights are off and I'm in bed, does the heart rate start to pace and my mind starts a blizzard with anxiety.

Here's how messed up it is: I set my alarm for 7AM, and around 6AM (awake the WHOLE night), I turn my alarm off since I figure I'll still be up. As soon as I turn my alarm off, I started to doze off and feel sleepy, awesome! I woke myself back up to set my alarm for 7AM, and as soon as I did that, my heart started pacing and I started getting restless.. and I couldn't sleep.

So, yeah... it *****.

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Wow blink, that could have been MY alarm clock story!!!! ha ha

Kill the L-tyro or just take in the morning and see what happens.  When I adetoxing and I wake up, I usually know instantly whether I will be able to retturn to sleep or not.

Don't toss and turn all night, a great recipe for anxiety.  Lying in bed thinking about not being able to sleep is like asking someone not to think about "elephants".  It ain't gonna happen!!!!!

If you feel sleep will be tough before OR after waking, go kick back on a recliner chair with a book or laptop (which is great for the chills btw) or TV on low and if you feel tired, close your eyes.

Don't forget a few deep breaths too and relax, this too shall pass,

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Quick update...

I averaged about 2-4 hrs of sleep for the first 3-10 days of withdrawals. I was taking L-tyrosine every morning for the energy (1500-2000mg).

It was an endless cycle. I was getting little to no sleep every night, and in the morning I'd force myself out of bed to take L-tyrosine to give me energy for the workday.

Well, I stopped L-tyrosine on the 11th-14th days and also started taking Calcium + Magnesium, and have averaged 7-8 hours of sleep since.

Just my story on L-tyrosine, maybe I was taking too much, but I have a lot more energy getting 7 hrs of sleep + no L-tyrosine than I did when I was taking L-tyrosine and getting no sleep.

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Blink I am free of oxy for 72 hours  Have not been able to sleep..Called my doc and he said I could take an ambein tonite after 5 hr off Diazipine..I will let you know how that works.My poor wife I am driving her crazy!
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GNC Tripple strength formula with or without the krill- the krill one is just half the dose of the other so you can take 2 however, otter posts I seen they take more- the only way I can explain it is that feeling you get if you have anxiety or mad..... That fast heart rate is just gone. Works great during the day and lasts. I also take GNC melatonin 3 and got 4/5 hrs of sleep compared to none! The L Theanine has green tea so that's what may make one feel awake, says it's for stress - which is less prob similar to the energy effect of B vitamins - I have yet to try Rhodiola and GAMA- I have not tried other brands other then GNC so I can't comment about the quality or benefit of them, they have a quality guarantee so figured it would work and if not, just exchanged or returned- anyhow the Melatonin took the place of my need for lorazepam at night- no more anxiety or crazy feelings from sleep deprivation!!!  Hope My advice helps or provides the relief I know you desperately need- I don't know anyone near my situation and had no one to advise me on anything- it's tough with no support when others just don't understand
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