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Sleep disturbances & hard time handling stress..

Lately sleep has been an issue with numerous amounts of sleep disturbances. More than the usualy with withdrawals. Also having hard time handling stress, my thoughts just race so if I don't speak out or get on here I feel like these thoughts just keep racing. I'm only about 5 months clean so I know I'm still healing but it's just diffrent then regular withdrawals.  Could this be paws or am I still withdrawaling?
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Dont worry about PAWS.  It takes awhile to get everything working together again.  You gotta start talking about the stress in your life.  Trying to handle that by yourself is never a good idea.  Is this stress something that is in your everyday life?  Once you start dealing with this your sleep will come back.
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Learning how to live without drugs us hard. We are like children in this aspect. This is where aftercare comes into play and helps tremendously! Maybe, give it a try?
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sleep...that sweet elusive ***** from hell.  It was months before I was able to really sleep.  Yes it adds stress to life.  It really helps to find someone to help you.  There are techniques to handling stress..we just used the drugs instead of learning those.  It takes time to find what works for you.  Aftercare will help to rediscover those.  5 months is huge..congrats.
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Hi Max..Congratulations on 5 months..Wow!! They went fast on this side of life..ha!

I have to agree with all the above. It does take time for all those Brain Chems to balance out. Some balance out faster then others. I still had SO many issues at 6 months, but it was all getting better & better day by day from the start. We have to avoid Stress, Drama, Boredom and so fourth or our addictive minds will go crazy!

Maybe take a bath before bed or try some meditation..anything to get your Brain to settle down..How about your vit/min intake at night?? Maybe look at what you are doing or taking during the day. Settling down the mind is hard for most even if we are clean. YOU will find a Way!!
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Hey Max....I suffer with insomnia from time to time  I have found a great tea that really works  it is ''traditional medicals nighty night''  just seap 2 bags for 20 min  add some honey for flavor  in a 1/2 hour your ready for a good nights sleep without the morning hangover you can pick it up at walmart for 5 bucks  give it a try........Gnarly.....
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Hi Madmax. I have been 655 days clean and I personally think sleep is the last thing to get sorted out. Anxiety, heart, and thoughts racing are a very tough part of it. It took me about 8 months post withdrawal for sleep to begin returning to normal, but anxiety faded much sooner. I used some supplements and exercised a lot even though it was pretty hard to force myself to do so, it provided such good relief and it's been proven to help people transition from many different types of addiction because it supplies much needed dopamine, endorphins, and not to mention helps cultivate an attitude of strength and mental toughness. It also has lots of other wonderful side effects. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with these things now, but you just put the days behind you by doing anything that will allow you to live in the moment.... let me rephrase that, any POSITIVE or CONSTRUCTIVE moment. This means anything that will be constructive and allow you to focus only on the task at hand. It can be something as simple as exercise or as complex as learning a new skill or task. I wish you luck and happy new year. Oh and I always think of the post w/d period as being more of a void or general feeling that everything is challenging or hard, and the w/d period as more physical and anxiety like. I think it may be different for everyone. No matter where you are, know that there is an end to it and one day you will be well.
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Thank you for the responses! I don't have insomia really anymore last few months I've been getting 6-9 hours of sleep each night. The last couple weeks have been this way, I understand were like "babies" when dealing with life sober and that's a good point. Just figured I'd see what the medhelp family thought. I've been looking for an edge more here lately, and the dreams about using are back in full affect but atleast im sleeping ha. Was doing great but these last couple weeks have been mentally hard, hopefully the rainy cold weather has something to do with it. I Was doing NA about 4x a week now down to 2-3 a week (life's been busy) thinking I might go back to 4 a week. What do YALL do when those cravings come back out of the blue? It's like our bodies forget we were addicts and the pill sounds like a juicy steak if only my brain could remember the struggle it took to get here. I'd have to say dealing with life's stress has got to be the hardest thing in sobriety!! Not having an escape is almost a punishment but having a clear mind to make that decision is what keeps me going that and I don't get dope sick between refills ha. Madmax is trying to become happymax!!! Excuse the rant have a good day!
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I wouldn't go as far as saying it's the same stress everyday, though life's throws stressful things my way everyday like it does to everyone. Just im having a harder time handling it when it happens (which is everyday) I can be happy then something stressful happens and my mind wants to say "screw it" and just give up all together.  I never do give up but after a long day of that I get home and deal with the family and by that time I'm ready to blow my brains out I have a son and he's high maintaince and I'm suppose to be a dad but after the days done im so ready for a stimulate of some kind and when I don't Get it it just adds to the stress level. It's gotten to the point of mood swings and I'm jumpy, just not the regular me. Why I thought to ask about paws since idk enough about it.
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Basically just to sum it up, all the stress I deal with isnt avoidable (most atleast) and I don't know how to handle it without drugs. I can get by dealing with it but it's not how I want to go through life. How do I handle stress naturally I don't know how I used too?? I tried to meditate but was just laughing at myself the whole time. So that's kind of out the cards, music is the only thing that can make me happy but I can't be like radio walking around with headphones all day. Then when I finally snap I feel bad for leaving my crying son at home while I go do something. I'm just a mental wreck right now. I mean RELASPE isn't in the cards for me I don't know where to get them anymore but I just need some tips and advice. NA folks tell me I'm doing good im going about it the right way but im kind of needing a little help maybe a vitamin that helps relieve stress lol idk.
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Hi Max.
Well???? Even at almost 3 and 1/2 yrs I still get stressed, anxious, depressed some, pace the floor, bored, lonely the list goes on. HOWEVER, the good old UP days out weight them Bad days. We are Addicts and in those situations our Brain always thinks of some kind of relief because we flat ash do not feel good!!

I do take all kinds of good vit/min but at times these things just do not help. What does help me is to go and socialize with other ppl. Redirect myself with some good old music, a good movie or read. Being honest  here..staying drug free over a long term is the harder part of the challenge. I got some GREAT info from my AA last night. I go to both because at each one I pick up different things. I know it is only a hour and then we are back home again in our own head. It is not going to be easy, so we have to work much harder at it when we feel so down and out. Actually it succckks sometimes but it is better then being SICK on Drugs or Booze!!! Our brains are wired different and it seems to feel like a down word spiral, but it is not. Just have to figure out what will keep us happy. There is NO magic stick out here that will zap away our Addictive Brain but there is hope for a better future without drugs and booze. YOU will find a way. It just does not happen overnight or in a yr or so. Just keep on keeping on and soon you will find your answer. Sorry I have no answer but to keep working the program. It is the only thing that keeps me on track besides a few more things I have picked up. Maybe UP your support again. There are TONS of groups out here that can help. Even stress management to depression groups. Taking with others is a real good deal and listening to others is the key to success too. There is NO cure but this disease can be arrested at some point. I wish you all the best..Maybe some more Changes are due here in the future.
PS..I know for me the Winter really is the worst because we get SO much snow. The summer brings on a new mind-set for me. SO maybe I just might have to move on to a warmer place. I love nature and I go out alot more in the summer.
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