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Sleep every other night

Starting day 29 . I hurt so bad last night got 4 hours sleep. I'm up at 1am. Had to take advil. RLS is kicking in also.
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Hey toot,

I'm right there with you.  Still up at 3:00 am and can't sleep.  For whatever reason my body won't let me even think about sleeping until like 5-6:00 am  and then I sleep 2-3 hours.  I'm hoping things keep getting better, but it sure is slow.  Hang in there and try to keep your mind busy.
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Hey Tooter, I am so sorry you are still in so much pain and not sleeping. But have you tried the Epsom salt baths? They are just magnesium, and you can get them in different aromas. I got the Lavender. And I really think they are working. Definitely helps with rls and relaxation so you could maybe sleep better. 1 cup in a hot bath and just soak for however long you can. It also leaves your skin really silky smooth. I wish I started taking them sooner, but after years of living in a small apt. with no tub, I became a shower person. I am so glad I found this tool, it really helps. I hope I was a little help to you, I hate hearing that you are suffering so much. If you haven't tried the salts, go to CVS, they are like $4.00 a bag, so not expensive...and it did help me. I was surprised. Keep on being strong Tooter....if I can do it...You can too!! God Bless you honey and DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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Hey toots! Your doing great and things will get better! Have you tried HYLANDS for the RLS?
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Thanks guys, I went back to bed and just now got up, when I got my feet easy I fell asleep.The rest of the day is going to wonderful. It's cold here so going to stay in today.
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You didn't mention that you sat in a hot bath with Epsom salts when you awoke at 1am Tooter?? As simple as that sounds, it's one of the top relief aids we have at our disposal. It completely changed my stress level, my outlook, my soreness... On and on I can go. Try it the next time.
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Hi Tooter.
Are you exercising and sweating a lot?  This can really shorten your suffering with sleep and rls etc.  We have to work it to make it work.  I know it is hard but exercising and sweating like crazy 5 days a week will shorten your recovery time DRAMATICALLY.  
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