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Smart Recovery/Rational Recovery

Will the link to these sites be left here or is the entire thing being dumped??

For those of you that haven't checked it out click on the blue Smart Recovery or Rational Recovery links and take a look. I started working on the worksheets and don't know how long you guys at medhelp will be leaving this up. I have added it to favorites but had to ask anyhow!!!!



Hey, I even used CAPS instead of my lower case sloppiness when posting out of respect for this fine site dying a way to early death!
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yes, i started a little board that i have recentley dubbed "the brown paper sack" forum... it is just really simple and uncomplicated!! when i first came to medhelp it seemed like we needed a "roll over" area to post at and that is how it came about! so are you in atlanta? that is my neck of the woods. email me: ***@****!!

doc, i was a little surprised at how it effected me that this board was closing too, but you know, you can always come and visit us at one of the other boards!! lol!! i am sure you and the other doc have an open invite!! actually, you know, that would be way cool doc!!


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I can't believe this but for the last couple of days while connected here I have been getting pop ups for meds the last one I got was for vicodin. I didn't even read the whole thing and deleted it. That is the crappiest thing I ever saw. To advertise that at an addiction forum. Or do they know that?????
Just thought I would blab. Terri
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I have wondered the same thing.  It is like hello why here?  Lol!  Pammy
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If you haven't tried it yet, check out the Opera browser.  It's the faster one around and it will stop all popups on your screen with the click of a button. :)  Version 7.11 is out now, but I've used it since version 5 and just love it.  It also allows you to stop all 3rd party cookies as easily as popups.  You can find it at http://www.opera.com

Another program y'all may wanna look into is AdAware.  It finds all the spyware added to your computer when you visit websites. If you get too many spywares, they will slow down your computer, sometimes to the point it will be unusable.  You can find AdAware at http://www.lavasoft.nu/  I run a check on my computer at least once a week.  When I updated my AdAware definitions last week when they released the new ones, I found 45 new spywares on my computer.  I had just run a check the day before with the old def. file, so this shows you just how many new companies are out there putting this **** on websites daily, so they can spy on your computer and have it send info to them, so they know all the websites you visit daily. (Again, with each spyware you get, your computer runs slower.)

Hope one or both of these programs help y'all.
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Thank you MrsRat I will check that out. Thanks Terri
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I originally visited this site in Nov. 02 (my daughter had just started MMT, still on it) and I was so upset, not knowing much about any of this.  I posted only a couple times and the response was amazing, Methman helped so much during this time, just reading about his progress, it gives me hope.   I have been reading almost everything here since, I have printed the Thomas recipe, of which I have shared with a few of her friends, but no one is quite ready.  I will miss this site, it has helped me to understand and to feel like I am not alone.  I will be trying to get onto the new areas.  Thank you again.
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To all, including the Gracious Doc,
In all of gods graces they will somehow find a way to leave this site open.
Although I know and have seen what Cindy & Phil have had to do to just keep this place CIVIL, let alone running smoothly and on its own accord.
If in fact this site does close for good, it will be greatly missed.
Ez-board forums and the like just aren't the same.
There is something special about a forum that really allows anybody and everybody to post on their good days, as well as bad. Yet with the same thing in mind help, support, and care for all...

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Can anyone help me find a pain management specialist--One that knows what the sh#t their doing!  I went to one several weeks ago and his only interest was injecting my cervical spine with cortisone--That's all fine and good and the injection did help but he did not even address the rest of my problems--severe arthritis in my hip to where sometimes I have trouble walking--I have taken every non-steroidal inflammatory med on the planet and my stomach is paying the price--(they do work)--But what do you do when you can no longer tolerate these meds?  I'm looking for a physician that can handle my entire situation--I'm battling this addiction and chronic pain--my poor husband just doesn't understand--Oh well guys I'm being a big whiny Brat right now---I am Just soooo Frustrated--Thanks for letting me vent--I'M GOING TO MISS THIS PLACE!!!!  Sooner or later I'll figure out how to get on the other board--All my love  Peace and Prayers--Mystere/AKA N.O. lady

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I was just wondering a couple things:

1.  Do you read THIS FAR down threads?
2.  Think you could hook up the Addiction board section with a redirect to an active board?

Maybe that would be cool since you guys will probably be listed with the search engines still.

I ask, because next time Bmac gets loaded on women, he'll try to stumble back in here.  And I'd sure hate for him not to have a place to hang out and rough the ladies up.

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It's too late for BMac .. he found his way into the EZboard forum chat.  He just slid right in there and found all the pretty girls.  I even had to *bite* him a couple of times to make sure he stayed in line!!!

Come on over and pay us a visit Mike.  Your knowledgeable and humorous posts are always loved by all.
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Maybe not by ALL... but thank you very much for the kind offer.  I think I will come on by.
BTW... what time does Suzieeyes go to bed?  And does her Webcam still work?  OH YEAH!!
Man.. she is gonna beat me like a drum...

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Oh thanx for the thought brother. I will need this place again.
And yes Cindy reads this far down. BTW she is a babe, really.
Thanks Mike, Thanks Cindy Thanks Phil, goodnite Johnboy!
Are there any babes left here? Hello ladies!
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Hello, this is a first post and I see that this forum is shutting down. I have been on methadone for several years and I am starting to come off of it now. I no longer have a chronic pain problem and still have to take the methadone just to feel normal. I was taking 600, yes that is six hundred mg twice daily. I am now down to 30 to 60 mg daily. The withdrawl symptoms are getting bad. Is there anything that I can do to lessen the withdrawl?? HELP please!

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Do you have a forum or site now?  I was at another board when I read some of your posts.  If I am correct, you are from the same part of the woods, I am.  Hope to talk to you soon.
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I just wanted to thank you for your time and all your knowledge that you have shared here.You put things in terms we could all understand.And you responded not only to the thread ?s but to other posts as well!You are truely an amazing and caring person!Good luck to you in your future.I know you will be greatly missed!!  Jerri
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the best thing to do is increase the methadone again to a level you feel fairly comfortable with, and then taper slower than you are now. Apart from taking other opiates, not much is going to make a dent in methadone withdrawal except methadone.

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Man.. 600mgs twice daily is a LOT of methadone, bud.  I was on methadone for quite some time but only got up to 60, 1X daily.  But, it's all relative.  
The S L O W E R you come down, the better.  Take breathers during your taper.  If you start feeling sick, then hang at that level till your body adjusts.  It will take quite a while to adjust to a lower level so if you can, take your time.
You are under a doctor's care, right?  Once you get down to a low level, your blood pressure is probably going to go up for a while.  Clonidine can help you with your blood pressure AND can help with some of the symptoms of detox.
You're probably going to need something like Klonopin to help keep your nerves in order along the way along with something to help you sleep.  Also, stock up on Imodium.  You're gonna need it for a while too.
Fatigue is going to become pretty tough for a bit, but it does get better.  I'm 9 months clean from meth and can tell you that I am feeling better.  It takes a while, but it does get better.
Just stay focused on your desired end result and TAKE YOUR TIME!  "Slow" is the ticket.
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I'm posting up high in the threads in the hopes that you will see it.  There is a limit to the amount of posts that each thread can handle here.  Also, the end of the month, this place is going to shut down.  HOWEVER, there is another board that everyone is going to.

Thomas, please post the link again for her.

You are not alone.  There are MILLIONS of people that have felt as alone and lost as you, I for one.  I wish I could tell you it will be easy.  It won't.  But I can tell you something that is better;  It's possible.

Come to the new board. You'll find a LOT of support from people just like you.  You don't have to go through this alone.  Lots of us have "been there done that" and all we got was this crappy T-Shirt.

Looking forward to seeing you at the new spot!
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Listen to Methman I watched him suffer the grips of methadone.  B mac too withdrew from the done.  There is a big conversy in the twon I live in as to what is better Meth or Suboxone.  From what I know suboxone can be very helpful for thise folks coming off of methadone.  You have to be under 30mg if meth.  You may want to look into sub it may help.  
Boomhower - You crazy old coot.  You know I love ya!  Pammy
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Hey good people I wanted to share my expierance with you so far, today is day 5 clean, I went to my PCP and he gave me the clonidine patch and some librium, so far I am just a little tired and  I feel like my legs dont work, but other than that none of the "D" word and no RLS this is too good to be true, all my drug bridges are burned and I live in the suburbs so its not like to could go find the pill corner in DC I dont even know where it is but... I plan to stay clean this time I am very fortunate I have a great Doc. Still no depression or cravings but I am sure there waiting to rear their ugly heads, Take care guys - Badd
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here is the link to the new ez board forum. See you there!


You need to first go to www.ezboard.com and create a free global account, then click on the link above to go to our forum.


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I love you too, Pammy.  You Goddess of the great white north.
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The best thing that ever happened to me was RR.
Every one should read.."Yes, Virginia, there is a cure for alcoholism."  www.positiveatheism.org/rw/yesvir.htm
The author, Jack Trimpey, says explicitly that his method works for opiates as well...and i can attest to that!!! (got of a 100mg hydrocodone habit with just a little Suboxone..and LOTS of
BEAST-SLAYING.)   I am off for good and if you dont believe me then read Virginia's story ..she was a way worse addict than me.
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