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Sneezing, coughing, chest and stomach pain

I am curious, I am over the corner from taking any pills but I have been sneezing a lot, which I think is a normal reaction to withdrawals.  But my question is has anyone ever had Sneezing and coughing along with chest and stomach pain.  Every time I cough my chest hurts all the way down to my belly button.
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I don't know how far in your are w/withdrawals but I am on day 6 and I am still sneezing too. See my post What to expect the first six days. My stomach is still upset too.
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I am on day 4 and I have had no dirrea, I used Amodium from day one so I have not thrown up my everytime I sneeze or cough it hurts....what are your thoughts, BTW...i read your post....really great
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I know that codeine is a cough suppressant and I guess I have coughed more in the past few days just not a lot. I smoke though and my lungs were probably begging me to stop supressing my coughing. When I have the flu though after coughing and sneezing my chest hurts to like the muscle down the center of the chest into the stomach. A pulled muscle feeling and it hurts to hunch over at all. Is it like that?
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What I feel like is I just starting working back out with weights and my whole entire chest and stomach hurt from doing an enormous anout of weight training
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I feel as if I just a powerful weight lifting program from under my breast to my belly button....is this normal?
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I have definitly had that before, but if worried maybe you should call your doc's office and ask a nurse, I do that all the time for questions about my kids
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That is exactly where and how it hurts,  i have allready put a call in to my docs nurse.

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