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I was wondering, if through my sneezing, could the methadone get out of my body that way? sounds like a stupid question, but I sneezed a million times yesterday and woke up doing it. Day 20 though and proud of myself.....how are you Feohmoon?
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the sneezing is insane..the way i see it is if i keep sneezing,the wife knows i'm sobber......i'm worried about when it stops....she will suspect something.....when does it stop anyway...sneezing out methadone eh,,,,hmmm...you're not sneezing allyour blood out are ya..lol......congrads on 20
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congrats on your day 20 ! you should be proud of yourself... I'm giggling at your sneezing fit, sorry... since I got clean I can't help but laugh alot... wondering if I'm going slowly nuts or forgetting that I was this way prior to the meds !! I don't think the methadone can get out of your body through sneezing but I can tell you that it's perfectly normal.. I sneezed and sneezed as well and I still have moments of sneezing bouts, so you're not alone Skippy !!! You'll see, so many more will comment on the sneezing - apparently it's normal !! Well done on your 20 days !! xoxoxox
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Sneezing is a big part of it....we have been sneezing a lot!
Hope you have a great day!
We feel pretty rough, but.......
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didnt see your post...having same problem and just posted!   sorry
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No blood....yet.lol  I heard that it gets stored in your lungs too. Is that true? Thanks opi and lost it has been a terrible ride and can't wait to get off this roller coaster.....but i just can't believe in 10 years time this is the first time I have not been all fogged up on some kinda evil drug.....
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Sneeze away skippy. I don't think you are getting rid of meth that way....
sneezing is a result of  irritation to the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract...I think it is getting rid of all the dust that  has accumulated in our brain while we were using.... LOL
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i need to clean my screen.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhchspew...........my bud was over and i sneezed 16 times in a row.....he was ready to take me to the hospital.....just as i started to explain 9 more came out.........i just told him i am allergic to him and he best get out
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lol....I think I am allergic to myself....someathin's gotta give geesh.
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how about the constant yawning with no or very little sleep?
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I know all too well about that too. The yawing is subsiding, but the sneezing is just starting at day 20? You would think not. Sleep is coming slowly, am able to sleep for at least 6-7 hours now, with waking up 1-2 times. Melatonin is helping a lot also calms forte is working on my nervousness. How r u?
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6-7 hours....you are a very lucky one.  calms helps the rls i have heard?   i am ok i guess...still stuck in this limbo of a life i have.......big decisions coming but not quite ready for it yet.  i know what has to happen but i am getting my ducks in a row first.  i have a six month plan.  i think that is enough time to plan my escape.
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AAAAACCCCCHHHHOOOOOOO. Oh excuse me I had to sneeze. What were you saying. LOL
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No the histmine reflex has been so surpressed (as well as other systems), that it's just trying to re-adjust. One x methadonian once said that the sneezing is a good sign that it will end soon."Methadone, there's no future in it" all the best
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