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So Glad You're Here

This is only day 2 for me (Percs mostly, but any old pain killer will do) and I have to say if I had not gotten on the computer this morning I would have been on the phone with my contact.  I've spent several hours reading and posting and it is helping. I don't have the energy or ambition to cook or really any appetite to speak of.  Any suggestions??
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Exercise (when you feel up to it).
Hot baths.
Ramen Noodles. Toast. PBJ Sammiches. Easy stuff.
Hot tea.
Don't put too much pressure on yourself...

You are making such a great decision... Hang in there and feel free to message me anytime. I'm here a lot too as this is one of the things that has helped me the most over the past 5 or 6 days...

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Oh, and also - Look up the Thomas Recipe on the health pages... And the Amino Acid Protocol... And the information about PAWS. These have been tremendously helpful to me.

Be patient with yourself. And kind to yourself.
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congrats on day two. im right here with ya day two from vicodin! Yesterday i couldnt eat i had the appitite but went right threw. Alot of people on  here say do the thomas recipe. I tried to go to the store to buy all the stuff but it was too much for today but i did get some immodiume liquid and that helps with some of the w/ds. Let me know if you want the thomas recipe! God bless and good luck ur in my prayers.
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Congrats, Were glad youre here too!
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I've managed a shower today... I'm working my way up to some toast.  I need to pull it together at least a little as my son (he's 12) will be home from school befor long.  Vicomom, thank you for your feed back. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me! And Heathhag, when I saw you went out for the Thomas stuff I was impressed. I can't imagine driving right now. Im just managing the sitting upright!! I thought about the thomas thing, and was surprised to see that valium is the first item. Im not sure about others, but benzos of anykind for me may as well come in a Pez dispenser. Sufficiet to say I have problems with more than just opiates... ho hum. I will start with the vitamins though. Even though Im not pregnant my doctor prescribes me prenatal vitamins. Im certain that they contain most everything reccomeneded, and I know they have a high volume of the B complex...  Thanks all for your kind words and prayers.
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