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So bummed!!

Hi all- I am just soooooo depressed!! I went to change my tracker. I had 99 days clean today HAD key word!!! I had filled my tramadol script which I should have known would be the worst!!! So yesterday I took 3 vics to help with the withdrawls and then said to my self what the heck am I doing???????? And threw them all away again!! No more scripts and here we are again with about 24 hours under my belt. Withdrawls are not quite as bad as last time but none the less still FRIGGIN here! Geez I really need to get a grip!! I was feeling soooooooo friggin good Really now I am all cloudy achy and VERY depressed! Just reaching out to everyone and starting over!!!
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You could have spiraled so much worse...be proud of your self and move forward girl!! That is all you can do..one foot in front of the other!!
Lots of love and prayers...you got this:)))
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Thank you!!!!! Yes, let me pull myself together and move forward. AND I will add it was sooooooooo not worth it! Really not worth it!
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good for you, you came to your senses, so all is not lost.you got up, thats what counts, you are not down for the count. just a little tko.dust yourself off and move on. bummed is ok, you can live with that, tomorrow will be better. one day at a time, just like before. if you have to count minutes, go for it. what will you do different now? getting more scripts, isnt an option. you know one is too many and a thousand isnt enough. what were you doing for aftercare? exercise,counselor,support groups,church,prayer,talking to a pastor? you will always be a recovering addict so you need to make sure you have a good support system in place.
keep on keeping on, press on, fight the good fight.
blessings to you
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