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So... today I have 100 days Norco free!!!!

Well, I haven't posted in a while, but I have been reading and helping others out! I just looked at my profile for the first time in a couple weeks and BAM...today is 100 days free of Norco!! It seems like just yesterday I posted my first post wanting help! I lost track of my clean days a while ago and had to look at my tracker, but I must say that I am very proud of myself for being in the triple digits! Deciding to quit taking Norco was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make in my life, but also one of the best! I am still in quite a bit of pain, but am finding alternative ways to deal with it...the hardest issue I have is the endometriosis pain because there is nothing that helps it quite like the Norco did, but I'm dealing with it pretty good so far! This has been an amazing journey. I still get bouts of depression and low energy and sadness, but I think that is just part of life. I am the mother of a 23 month old son and I work full time and take care of my family, so I'm thinking that getting low energy is just a consequence of hard work!! Anyone that doubts that they can come off pain pills or alcohol and thinks they aren't strong enough, and that the withdrawals are the worst thing in life they can go through should rethink that! We are all strong enough to take control of our lives if we want it bad enough and the worst thing that you can keep going through in life is another bottle of pills or another 30 pack of beer! I'm glad I took the step to help myself and I hope that I am helping others along my way! It's a beautiful day to be glad in and I'm going to take advantage of this day, and every day that I spend free of the little yellow ball and chain I carried with me for so long! God bless everyone and thank you so much to those of you who have helped me on here, VICourageous, Dominosarah and Gnarly...you guys are amazing angels and I'm so grateful you all took the time out of your lives to let me know I wasn't alone. Live, laugh, love and stay clean!!
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hey hey Girl  a big congrats a 100 days is huge.....keep doing what your doing it is working for you  as for me I just got out of the hospitla from walking pnomona and now the wife went in yesterday so I got to go see her but I just wanted to drop by....anyways as always if your not already doing aftercare start soon......and do something nice for yourself it is time to celebrate.........Gnarly
Thank you Gnarly, and I hope you are feeling better from the pneumonia! That's awful!! And scary! Hope your wife recovers soon as well. I have my little "life recovery" group that I am still attending and the 7 of them have been extremely wonderful!! I'm so glad that my brain doesn't think about the pills anymore, although I never really got cravings for them once I knew that I had no way of getting them anymore unless I "faked" an injury at the ER, and that is just ridiculous!! It feels good to be free and living and loving life! Get well soon!!!!
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Congrats , keep strong
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This is fantastic!!! Keep charging your new life forwards!
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I am SO proud of YOU! As YOU know that we still have to keep our Guard Up at all times. I just had my 4yrs and out of know where came these darn carvings and I just wanted to give in..Wow! I have not felt like that in a very long time. That Bad Old Beast can knock at your door anytime but we must tell him to go in the name of Jesus!!
I have really enjoy reading what you have been saying out here. Heck, I had read some things you had sad that REALLY helped me get back on track. Pushing ourselves to keep busy is a big one and some days I am just to down to get moving, but I keep reminding myself of ppl like YOU who can go to work and take care of a family even at 100 days. So happy for YOU!!!
Thank you VIC!!! I'm so glad that I've been able to help even someone that has been clean WAY longer than I have. I actually really really glad that I have a great job that I enjoy because if I didn't and didn't have the opportunity to work through the withdrawals and this recovery, then I may have driven myself insane also. I don't even think about the pills or miss them or anything. I just tell myself that I am stronger than the beast that lives in my head, and I HAVE to find the willpower to to leave that in the past, and live in this new chapter that I have started in my life. No one is perfect and things happen, but I am avoiding that at all costs. In these short 100 days, I have learned to be stronger than the addict inside me. I guess it has actually been longer than that, because all the times I tried to stop taking the pills only made me stronger and led me to the moment when I decided I could live without them and find more natural ways to deal with my pain. And it makes me feel really good about myself that I am able to help people. You and your posts and advising me to study addiction in a more scientific way has made a HUGE difference and gave me a more positive outlook on my recovery, and I am forever grateful! Although I can't see you in body, I can see you in mind, and I'm blessed to have found such support and help and a different view of leaving pills in the past, and for this...I THANK YOU!!!
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Thank You SJS49.

I am going to put something out here on the front line that is kind of personal, but I think most will understand. NOW do not take this personal, as I do feel you have this disease arrested, but remember we still have this disease and it can be triggered up in that pleasure part of the brain at any given time. Life will not always go like we wish, and things can happen that are just horrible causing us so much grief or pain, or we can be around someone who takes a pill in front of us because they forgot that we had a issues with this. I hate street drugs, prescription drugs and booze, but my addictive brain still does, therefore I have to be real careful about situations, people who still use and so fourth. I know a few ppl, who call now and then, that are tapping in the crank. They do not call for days, nor do I go over there. They thank I do not know what they are up too..Ha!!! What do you think could or would happen if I seen this in front of my face?? Most likely I will run fast, but those triggers will haunt me and F with my Brain. Sometimes we have family members that are older and they take these right, well I have no one doing that, but some of my friends. Even if they do them as prescribed, I still have to stay away. Addiction is the most demonic disease I have even seen or experienced in my opinion. Pharmaceutical....Pharma in the bible means witch craft.  I run into ppl who I am not friends with, but they are highly addicted and are looking for drugs at all cost. Sad but this is what is out here in our world these days. Some cry for help, but get so scared of the w/ds that they go back to using. I try my best to talk to them, but as you know, they are NOT ready to stop!!! What a life we had and I pray until the day I die, I will never have to go down this road again!! Like IBK(RIP) said once " I might have one more runner in me, but I would not have one more recovery"..something like that, and I take it serious becasue if I go out and use my type of Docs/up ones, I would surely die. Mostly because of my Heart issue.  I also want to share something with you that had stuck in my mind for yrs now, and I hope DS does not mind me saying this out here. She was cleaning some rooms and there was some pills in the bathroom, she asked if another person could clean this room. I thought it was kind of strange at first when I got clean, but now I know what was going through her head at the time, and I think she had way over 5yrs???. SO..Just always wear your Armour and keep your Guard Up at all times. I know at some point we could have some kind of surgery and pain relief is necessary, but what choices we make is all up to us on what to tell the Drs. I know this might sound strange, and some might not agree, but I do not care, for this is what I see. I take the ones that have never used any drug or drank and call them innocent Addicts. They used for pain only to build up a tolernce and started using more and more for pain, only to end up using not only for the physical, but some psychological reasons too. Then there are the ones that had tapped in drugs since they were in there teens. Even if they used here and there for Recreational, they ended up getting hooked on something they liked very much for both physical & mentally. I see the ones who I call the innocents ones not struggling with there Addiction as Hard as the Old time users. (Recreational ones). Don't get me wrong, we all our still addicts and just One time use can flare the Brain up again. SERIOUS DISEASE!!!!

I am happy for you and you are right about your Job and coming home to a family to take care of. THAT is a BIG plus on your side too. I do have the UP most Faith that you will never do this again, but as life says, never say never! All we can do is just take it one day at a time. Like DS says again, the minute we put our feet on the ground, when we get out of bed, we have to still be on our Guard. I wish that Connie, CIK, Weaver, EvolverU, Msd, Actingbrandnew, IBK (RIP) and some of the Older Timers were still around. I had learned so much from them in these past yrs too. There are many more that are not around..Bummer.

Anyway, sorry this is SO long, but I felt the need to let this out, and especially since this community has been so so slow. We used to not even be able to keep up with the post that came in before, but I hope that they get all those bugs out soon and maybe fix the reasons why ppl can not get on or find this site, like google or something. May the Lord hold YOU up and I am SO proud of you and what you have achieved by your research too! I still highly recommend this book called "Healing the Broken Brain" by Elden M Chalmers Ph.D. and also Proof Positive. This sounds like it is right up your alley..lol
Bless U & Family
Your Friend Vickie

Thank you for your post. I know I was one of the "innocent addicts" as I used my pain pills for pain, and never for recreational, but as time went on, I like everyone else, needed more and more to get rid of the pain. I was really proud of myself when my dentist wanted to give me a 30 pill prescription for my abcess tooth, and I told him I would take 8, I told him I only needed 8 to get me through the pain until the antibiotics started to work, and luckily for me, antibiotics work pretty quickly for me, like within a day and a half. I definitely do NOT want to go down this road again!! But like you said, never say never...I try not to think too far into the future with this, and taking it day by day (minute by minute, hour by hour in the beginning) has really helped me. If and when I do finally have my surgery, I believe that I have made myself strong enough to take pain pills while I have the pain, and then not get anymore. I'm a weird addict, because I never bought them off the street haha. I had my script, and if I ran out, I ran out. I would feel crappy for a couple days and then be fine. So, luckily, I didn't have to delete any phone numbers or cut people out of my life. I don't have any friends or family members that take prescription pain pills (thank the lord), and I've never done any other kind of drug, except for marijuana, which I don't like at all. A psychiatrist told me one time to try that for my panic attacks, well, I found that it made them worse, and that I was overly paranoid and it made my sinuses feel weird and I thought I was going to die. Everyone is different I suppose. I do keep my guard up though, and I always will. I'm also very grateful that my doctor has been very very supportive of me and totally respects my decisions!
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