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Something I had to change!

I am six weeks off of Norco (ct) and it is just such a relief!  And for those of you in the early days...it gets better and you will wake up and realize one day that you don't feel quite so bad.  Now it feels like I got a new pair of glasses the world looks so much clearer.  

About a week out I changed my ring tone on my phone.  Why?  What does this have to do with Norco?  So many times I would call the refill in, or call my doctor's office about it, etc. and in desperate mode wait for the phone to ring.  I had some Calypso song on there.  Being that my ring tone only gets changed when my kids do it (I am an old dog) it has been on there all year.  I hadn't realized how much I hated that ring and related it to getting drugs.  A week out.....I didn't ever want to hear that ring tone again.  I actually PAID for a ring tone (something I'm always saying "no" to the kids on) of a song I like and it feels like a small affirmation of my new off pills life!
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Congrats! Its amazing what can trigger a relapse. In my case, I have been dating a good friend of mine. And now that I'm sober HE is my trigger...its sad because I'm realizing I would have never crossed the line with him had I not been drunk. But I associate him with going out and drinking because thats what we did.
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sounds smart to me...work the couple of buck i am sure!
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Congrats on 6 weeks. What great insight to realize that your ringtone could be a trigger. There are so many things that can make us consciously or and esp. un/subconsciously trigger using and actually result in relapse. Something that as simple as a smell, sound ect. If we all got together on this forum and named our known triggers there would probably be a list with everything under the sun on it. Good luck. Corey
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congrats on your clean time and the clear mind. i just read this post and i just changed my ringtone a couple days ago too. i put on a song that has meaning to me and when my phone rings im reminded how good life is clean. okay somebody call me now, lol. anyway congrats again :)
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Good for you!  Congrats.  You could do worse than buying a ring tone, in fact, it sounds like a great purchase, just another thing to help you on your road.

Just wanted to say thanks for posting, I'm at 5 weeks and 6 sounds so much better than 5, it gives me something to look foward to!
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Good move, in AA they say we have to change our playground & playmates. Anything that reminds you of the drug is sure to trigger a craving which is not pleasant. I see you've done your homework!!
I've been off norco/vicodin for 3 1/2 years after a 45 pill a day habit. I commend you for getting sober, you're right it is so worth it!!
Best of Luck, stay on track.
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