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Something Like 6 Months...

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to drop in, its been a few months since I posted.  I've been clean for something like 6 months now.  I simply don't bother to count the days as my problem is long past and its not important anymore.  All has never been better.  No cravings. No falling off the wagon.  It seems like "years ago" since I took my last pill.

For all of you struggling, I will give you the best piece of advice that I was given.  Exercise!

I've always been a "gym-rat" and started pushing myself back toward the weight room.  6 months later, Weight =225 lbs., lost inches in my waist and dropped huge amounts of body fat as well.  For 48 years old, I've never felt better.
The biggest problem is I need XL or XXL shirts and had to buy new jeans with smaller waists.

While I sit and wait patiently for the Spring and my passion of fly fishing, I wish the best to all.  It does get better.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a clean life.

Hi Lisa and Meg.

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Congrats on your clean time!!!  You really sound good.  Thanks for the post.......sara
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Hooray for you ! A job well done exercise really does help i am living proof.Merry Christmas to you also.
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congrats on whatever clean time u have now...good to see ya post!
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Sooo happy to hear this. And so glad you came back to tell us.........................

Keep it up...

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Congrats on your clean time.. Happy fly fishing in 09 :)  lesa
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This is great to hear, congrats on all that clean time and glad life is going good for ya. Have a merry christmas.
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