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Son in rehab

My son is in rehab & doing good ...He will be in for 14 days then have to go to outpatient rehab all day for 6 weeks.. What can I expect ? Hes 25 ..I can't lock him in his room to protect him ......He has a career job waiting for him when he gets out ..But the rehab is more important ,,,Any advice ?
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Hey there! Did you ever think about counseling with your son? I think it would benefit you both. It seems to me that you're walking on eggs and he probably feels a lot of shame for what he made you go thru. Maybe opening both your hearts with the help of a specialist could help, just an idea....
I'm sure there a lot of ppl with more experience than me that are gonna answer you in a more detailed way but it's a little slow on w-e.
Best of luck to you. xoxoxo. sophie.
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I think the two or maybe even the three  of you doing some counseling together would be a great thing to. It would al-so be a way to start healing alll the broken trust.. He needs to know that this has really hurt you & broken trust is hard to repair...  anyways, It'll be a great start , Then you  could com do some counseling with me as well,LOL  Love ya T
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Hi, my son was in rehab for 8 months (his second time). The first time was for 6 weeks, but he relapsed after only two weeks. He's now 29 years old. The only advice I can give you is that the addiction never stops. It has to be managed for the rest of his life. My son is an alchoholic and an addict. (Heroin) He is doing very well after the 8 months rehab. He is now in the halfway house, and has started a job. But he goes to 2 different meetings every week, takes his anit-booze pill daily (has to do it for 18 months) and has a weekly urine test (drug test). What I try to say is that there are no shortcuts in recovery, and a constant support from you, his mom. He has to be very honest with you and tell you when he has cravings. It also helps a lot to move away from where he got involved with the addiction. If possible. Hope it helped.
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Hi Greeneyes, I'm glad he is in rehab. Remember how he was on the forum right before asking you to trust him....he said he would never use again. You posted that you had that feeling in your gut but wanted to give him space. Always trust that deep gut feeling. There were times when my son first got out of the rehab and halfway house that I questioned him and it got on his nerves sometimes but I told him up front that it would be awhile before I would trust him again,  considering all of the lies and other things. These were just little things but when you see those signs everywhere and just start telling yourself that there is some other reason trust your instinct and don't worry about making him mad. He has a serious life threatening disease and he should learn in rehab that it will take time to regain trust. Out patient will do random urine tests. It will make a difference in his chances of remaining in recovery whether he went in for you or because he knew that he needed it. I remember talking to your son in PMs and he was very protective of you and more concerned with what you thought of him. He is a very good kid. This addiction will rule you and you become it's slave. You cannot understand it by rational thinking. It would help tremendously if you would get help from a counselor or from NarNon to understand this disease. Like Maggie's son, mine moved away.
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