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So Im a heroin addict, I was pretty ready to give it up, sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. Then I made the mistake of trying a speedball.. I was never a fan of cocaine before my opiate addiction, but now I cant have one without the other.. It's "cranked" my heroin use back up because how I'm getting high instead of just not sick. I'm scared for myself but I feel like I did when i discovered heroin, and it's hard to put down when you first discover it. That "it wont happen to me" feeling is creeping. Will the cocaine eventually stop producing the effect? Will i get tired of this like I did with heroin alone? any advice would be great.
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There is alot to Addiction. It can be in our Genes and/or Environment will play a big role and also mental issues.

Support is the way to go. Maybe hit some AA/NA. I also found what has helped me to this day, is studying all I can about the Brain and Addiction.

It is a disease that affects the brain in many ways. Downers hit a few different areas and uppers hit different areas as well in our brain, but most will affect the Happy Chems in our Brain. However it has alot to do with the Dopamines that are responsible for hitting the Mid-Brain which is the survival part. It is explained much better if you look it all up. The Mid-Brain (Survival part) will always remember this Pleasure and if you keep feeding it you want more & more for more pleasure and so forth.  We do build up a tolerance fast and one hit is just not enough..

It takes so much work to stay clean and SO many Changes in our Life. WE have to learn to Live in our own Skin and accept them curve balls as they are tossed at us. We also have to dig deeper in what or why we might want to use..These are Triggers that we must stay away from. Triggers can happen if you still hang out with people who use or go to some old stomping grounds. There is so much to this Disease. ONE thing I do know is that we need help and support to stay on the right path. This Disease really suuuccckkks and it does take working at. The detox will be over soon, but staying clean is where it all begins.

I do wish you the best and I sure pray you get out and get some Support..Any or All is a good start..it is out there.
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unfortunately rehab is not an option. dont have 3k+ to spend or the time off work. I'm actually now about 48 hours into withdrawal. thought about scoring last night when I wrote that but decided against it. My option is to detox at home over the next 2 days that I have off. ill go  back to work on day 5. 48 hours in and its really not to awful, as my use has been once every 2-3 days instead of all day every day like a few months back. i had weened my self down before about 4 days ago when i tried a speedball. the cravings are killing me though but i refuse to go on methadone or suboxone. as the physical wd symptoms fade will the cravings lessen?
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Oh chaz please stop this immediately. Its a death sentence. Think John Beluci, Seymour Hoffman, River Pheonix, Chris Farley, Amy Winehouse.The list is endless. These are folks who were successful in life and succeeded in killing themselves too.  This mixture is absolutely deadly. Please please check into a detox. Please.
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Hi Chaz:

You already know the answers to all your questions.  Yes, you will develop a tolerance to the coke.    By now I would think you are sick and tired of being a junkie.  

This is a bad road, my friend, and no one and do mean NO ONE gets out alive.    Speedballs are especially horrible because when it comes to mixing drugs, 1 + 1 does not equal 2, it equals 100.

The "its never going to happen to me" is your addiction talking.   Your demon.  And make no mistake, your addiction is a filthy disgusting LIAR who wants you dead.  

YOU aren't filthy, or disgusting.  You're a precious child of God who deserves a decent life that isn't controlled by drugs.   You're a human being, worthy of dignity, respect, and all the wonderful things that this journey on planet Earth offers.

Stop using the drugs now or I guarantee that your life is going to spiral downwards until it becomes something you wouldn't dream of in your worst nightmares.  

Can you take off time to get into a detox and rehab facility?   Are you working?   Who is supporting your habit?  If you cannot quit on your own, and that means:
1. Telling everyone who cares about you NOT to give you drugs, or to let you in their homes or lives if they suspect you are using them.
2. Cut off ties with every dealer you know.  All of them.  Delete their phone numbers, DON'T go where you know they will be, cross them off your Xmas card list permanently.

Then your best choice is to get into an in-patient program.    You have a very, very serious illness.   This board is full of folks who also do, and they've managed, one day at at time, to stay away from drugs.  Stick around here if you want what we've got...we'll support you to hell and back.

One more thing:   Avoid alcohol like the plague.  It's easy enough to OD on a heroin, but if you combine booze and opiates, your chances of dying skyrocket.   Cocaine overdoses are possible too, although it is more likely that the coke is destroying your cardiac system.   People who abuse cocaine in any form cause tremendous damage to their hearts and often die young.   So many rock stars from my high school years are dropping like flies when they enter their sixties due to having scarred hearts from drug use back in the 1960s and 1970's.  

Let us know what you decide to do.  Ultimately the choice is yours....we each get one life, that's it, no plan B, and if you choose to destroy it because you like the feeling of getting high, you can certainly do that.  

I hope you don't.

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you will expire prematurely if you don't get help.....
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