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Stadol NS

I started taking Stadol NS in 1992 and in May of 2001 I stopped it.  I am having bladder control problems and wondered if this was maybe a symptom of the damage caused by this drug?  I was certainly addicted to this medication and was using at least a bottle a month for the last 2 years I took it.  Anyone with other symptoms from long term use of Stadol NS please comment.
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Thanks my friend..your words mean a lot.
Did you get my email from a few days ago? I am not even sure I have your correct email address.

I'll flush the pills tonight as soon as I get home today.
I have had them since detoxing. I had even more actually but a full, sealed bottle of 100 vicoprofen got stolen a few months ago. I noticed when I went to the medicine closet to get my claritin one day. I chalked that up to my karma for having raided other people's medicine cabinets myself over the years. Not something I'm proud of, but I did it a few times.

My rational, and my hubbies rational for keeping them is that we live in Earthquake country, and what if one of us or a neighbor gets seriously hurt in an earthquake and there is no access to meds that could help.

I've gone along with that, but that is not a good enough reason to put my recovery at risk anymore. Yesterday really scared me.

I need that angel! Thanks for being there.
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ya can't get to heaven without walking through hell...you've
walked there long enough...you don't belong there anymore.

   turn 7 months into 8 - i dare you!

keeping angel on your shoulder?
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Hey, remember me? you are the one I admire!!! You are the one I am going to be in 6 months!!! After 20 years of this HELL-- and with my slow withdrawal this time with the help of the Bup,which I belive to be my saving grace, I will, with the help of God, my family and my own willpower be totaly drug free!!  
I agree with Skipper, get rid of any temptation, I KNOW there would be NO way I would stay clean if there were as much as a
ty-3 in the house! That's like an alcoholic keeping a bottle of his favorite booze on the kitchen table. WHY tempt yourself?
I guess there will always be urges that we will have to fight--maybe even 10 years from now that urge will hit you when you're weak and not up to fighting the battle--BUT YOU CAN DO IT! you have said you have a great support group, which is something I need to find, and there is always this forum. I've been too busy to post in the last week, but trust me I read what you guys post everyday--and that is MY daily dose of encouregment!
Bless you all, everyone of you is special--keep the faith
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You didn't do it and that's what counts. Sometimes instead of one day at a time, it becomes one minute at a time or one second at a time.  I was going to ask you why you had the pills in the first place but then read you were going to throw them out.  Good call.  Of course, I'm sitting here with a refrigerator full of beer from a party I had at Xmas. I need to follow my own advice.  I keep thinking I'll have some people over and let them drink it up rather than waste it. How's that for rationalization?

Weren't you going to check out NA?  Did you ever do it?  If nothing else, you'll get lots of phone numbers for times of crisis.
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hi everyone - sorry to hijack this thread, but my email isn't working, and i needed to share something with schlub...and whoever else is interested.  i told my husband everything about relapsing and how completely desperate i felt.  we decided i should hop on a plane (which i did monday) and go to this clinic in fl which helps people detox (outpatient) with buprenex.  you go to him 2 days in a row, and then he sets you up with a schedule of buprenex, which you taper off of for approx a period of 7 weeks.  he was such a great dr., and he explained to me (as no one has before) what has happened to my brain from abusing opiates and exactly what he will do to repair the damage.  using his program helps repair the damage much more quickly than if you were to quick cold turkey.  amino acids are also part of it, so some of the medical community agrees with thomas' recipe.

i am so thankful and relieved that i have done this.  thanks to this forum, i was able to come clean with my husband who couldn't have been more supportive.  thru my drug addiction of the past 2 years, i have managed to **** away much of our savings.  so, the fact that he was willing to spend the money for me to go to fl, was something i wasn't even prepared to dream about....just like schlub says, it's our secrets that kill us.  AND, people will surprise you when you let yourself be vulnerable and honest.  sorry this is so long, but THANK YOU schlub for all your advice and for telling me about this clinic in fl - i hope you are still doing ok - peace everyone!!!!
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Just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you today.  It certainly makes more sense to focus on what you did not do rather than on what you considered doing.  And, cravings surely do not make you any less of a success.

Keep the Faith!!
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