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Starting Suboxone in 3 days.

Have been on Fentanyl patches 125/hr every 48 hours and 4-5 Percocet daily plus maybe 8 10mg Vicodin a day. How long before starting the Suboxone should I stop all of these meds. I have Clonidine for withdrawals how can it help. I am scared to death. Have never been in withdrawal from Opiates. I was told 36 hours prior but am so afraid of precipitated withdrawals. Has anyone been here that can give me some advice?
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Google COWS scale and study it. That is what doctors should use to induce rather than a number of hours. Can't help with Clondine, I just bit the bullet and got sick. I waited too long because I was so affraid as well, but don't regret it. Good luck.
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Why are you coming of all of this CT instead of tapering one at a time?  Fentanyl is a hard drug to CT from.

Clonidine will help with some of the withdrawals symptoms.  Get the ingredients for the Thomas recipe; many say it helps a lot.

I agree about googling the COWS scale because you definitely don't want to start this too soon.

You must have some pain issues in order to be on all the meds you're on (been on a similar amount, maybe a bit more but tapered.)

Alteril will help with sleep issues.  Stay very hydrated.

Are you going to be given the suboxone in the doctor's office?
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