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Status on Oxycontin Withdrawal

Many of you have seen me write here for a long time now and fail with regard to my oxycontin detox. Well, I have started again for about the 100th time and I wanted to let you know my progress. I am still on 10 mg. of oxys that I take 3 times a day. That is now down from a total of 90 mgs. to 30 mgs.  I have been tapering to get here. I am able to do things slowly.  But I am not always totally nauseous or tortured at this point. I have even started an exercise routine where I am doing cardiac exercise for about 45 minutes a day and some weight lifting as well. I am alone so I am trying to keep up with housework and paperwork and all of that jazz.  It has taken me a long time to taper to this point though.  I will tell you that the feelings come out in full force. I find myself crying at every little thing but I keep telling myself that it is better to have a natural brain that to mess with my brain with the drugs.  I am also eating really healthy, fruits, veggies, and drinking NOTHING BUT WATER.  I eat a lot of frozen grapes and frozen bananas.  I still don't have much energy and I am forcing myself to do the cardiac but here is the good part. Every night when I go to bed and when I fall asleep, I seem to sleep a little longer (ie without waking up with this huge withdrawal sickness).  I have a feeling it will be very difficult the next step because after about 6 hours of being on the 10 mg. I start to lose all energy and I have to fight through the next two hours to take the other pill. Has anybody been where I am?  And can you share what you did next in your taper process? peace, love and blessings. Shiloh
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I'm responding so someone will answer you.
Good luck.
496208 tn?1271339076
I'm responding so someone will answer you.
Good luck.
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Hi...taper sounds good to me....we are not allowed to give taper specifics,,
You say you have been through this so you kind of know what to expect.

Sounds like you're struggling to finally put them down. No worries I know the feeling......

Taking the leap from drug adddicted to clean takes a tremendous amount of courage. The decison is usually marked by a long and bumpy road prior.

When youre ready (sounds like you're close)  and taper is done...let us know....we will be there for you.....as so many were there for us....

Of course its going to be uncomfy for a few days..but look at the reward..a drug free life.......

Heck i would have detoxed in a deep fryer if it meant getting off that crap......ok maybe  not  ...lol

Much support,.....we want to see you make it !

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