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Staying Clean

I truly believe that staying clean is much harder than the w/d's for an addict, the w/d's go away, our disease does not. Although my DOC is cocaine, I have w/d cold turkey from 320 mgs of oxy a day and alcohol a few times and it was no picnic, it was horrible.

I was hoping to hear from some of the veteran's here, to share with those just starting out on the road to recovery, in how they have stayed clean. Obviously some type of aftercare is very important to help us. What else have you done to stay clean? Have you changed your lifestlye or way of thinking etc?

There are many success stories here and proof that it can be done. IBKleen has 1081 days, dominosarah has 846 off drugs and 3059 off alcohol, GTMI is almost at 1000 days clean, avisg is 1085, narla is 5 days away from a year and freebird and I share the same DOC and she is a whopping 9345 days. I know there are many more and was hoping you would share how you did this, it will help the newbies here. Congrats to everyone on your clean time, even if it's just a day, that is a start and things will keep getting better:). It works if you work it!
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I'm 476 days clean of all mind altering substances, kicked a 400-500mg/day oxycodone addiction. When I went to treatment in May of 2009 I was lucky to have the gift of desperation which made me willing to do whatever was necessary to get right. I tried counseling before, but the only thing that worked for me was whole heartedly giving myself to the AA/NA program. Through working the 12 steps I not only addressed my addiction to drugs, but also my failed reliance on self will, my character defects, and the wreckage of my past. In adressing these things, I have been able to live a life full of happiness, serenity, and freedom.

I really didn't think working a 12 step program was what I wanted to do, but I saw that it worked in others and I wanted what they had. I couldn't imagine my life would be this amazing today, but thanks to my higher power and AA/NA, its better than I ever thought it would be.
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I make myself accountable,I have told all my friends and family that I am an alcoholic and that I was addicted to and abusing codeine.
My doctor is my lifeline.
I also use a life coach who is helping me learn to be the best I can be,he really gets to the root of my addiction and is teaching me new ways to cope with life.
Lastly I have transferred my addiction to gym workouts,I have a personal trainer 4 times a week and I ride 15km every morning on an exercise bike plus I do boxing twice a week.
My life has never been more fulfilled.
My advice----Keep busy

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You both have come so far and proof that we can make it, congrats.

Narla, I didn't know you were boxing, that is cool. Don't hurt me please lol.
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When i finally admitted i was completely powerless was when the healing began.  I too hold myself accountable for my actions.  My lifestyle has changed dramatically.  I no longer have the same acquaintences that i had before and i surround myself with people who are sober and are in the program.  I attend NA meetings, i would also have a counselor if i had insurance.  I have learned so many tools to stay clean as i cant do this alone.  I have a couple wonderful fantastic totally awesome friends that arent afraid to call me out either.  It is tough love at it's finest!!!  Recovery is a slow process.  Many demons have been buried and it takes awhile to actually face them and find the appropriate place for them.  It hasnt been easy at all and i still have a long way to go.  I look forward to each day now clean and sober.  Had i not cleaned up and reached out for help i would be dead.  My body was shutting down and it was literally a do or die scene for me.  I hold my recovery sacred and i protect it with everything i have.  You gotta keep your guard up as this addiction is sly and cunning~~~~Today i am grateful to be alive and able to really live and feel again~~~~sara
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After 2661 days clean, I don't regard myself as recovered and never will.

I hold myself accountable for my actions too. I never went down the AA/NA route as I just felt it wasn't for me, though I do still see a counsellor.

My lifestyle hasn't changed all that much although my circle of friends has.

The other thing I did was throw myself into voluntary work in my spare time.  I now treat and counsel people who could have been me, if I hadn't managed to get back on track.

It's fulfilling, it's giving something back and it's a constant reminder.

Among my greatest assets has been my caring, supportive and forgiving family, without whom I'd now be somewhere else entirely.
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I think anytime we think we are "recovered" is when all he!! would break loose again.  I have always said i am and always will be a work in progress.  Thank you for all you do for others who are going thru this same thing~~~~~sara
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I heard that after 2 years clean,that is called recovered? Some people told me that in N/A when I was going. Is that wrong? I do agree tho that this is a lifelong fight and once an addict, always an addict. I can't pick up no matter what, even if I had 10 years clean, I am an addict for life and have to keep my guard up always.

pattifan, that is a lot of clean time, your are doing so well. MP, I am so proud of you too:) Thanks for sharing everyone.
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Hey gizzy ive talked to you a few times on here. I am 96 days clean today and what helps is staying active. I took up skateboarding again, I am in a band now and I make sure I stay busy like I used to.
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The day I say I am "recovered" is the day I use. Recovery is a process, and a lifestyle. I don't see it as a fight but as a learning experience. Sometimes I don't like the things I learn about myself but I am still under construction and there is always room for change.

Like everyone else, I have to stay accountable. But probably my biggest thing is to stay humble....admit when I am wrong and make amends where I can. That is a hard one and it takes a lot of work but there is a tremendous amount of freedom that goes with it.
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Yes, I remember talking to you a few times also. Your so young and I wish when i was in my early 20's I got a grip on my addictions and realized I needed help like you have done. You have your whole life ahead of you and I am so happy to hear your living it now drug free. Keep doing what your doing and keep getting support. Congrats man, your almost at triple digits:)
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You have been a lot of help to me since the day I found this forum. You gave me tough love and even pissed me off once or twice, but I love ya for that lol. I am also so proud of you for working so hard to stay clean and you walk the walk and help so many others. Congrats on all your clean time, I hope some day I make it that far.

Have a good night everyone, it's time to finish watching the Monday night football game, yaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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I have been working my recovery for almost  three years now in sept .If you want to stay clean as others have said you are in recovery you are never really recovered .Its a day to day prossess thats why we push the need for recoverycare .Even after 3 years I am always one pill away from falling the wagon .Will power doesnt keep you clean it doesnt pull you threw the hard times the disapoiontments on the tramas in life a good support system helps you threw what you learn along the way helps you threw have loved ones you can turn to helps you threw  . If you really want to stay clean you are going to have to put 100 % into it but it can be done .
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Hi. I will also be 3 years clean in September. i was on methadone for 12 years but was also abusing other opiates and benzos for just as long. I am drug free today thanks to the love and support of friends and family. I also see an A & D councilor once every 2 months. More often if i feel the need.I had my first child 1 year ago so i think it s fair to say that life for me has never been so good. I surf nearly every day so if i were to borrow a 12 step phrase, i have definately forged a relationship with a power greater than myself.

  I still have my moments when i  get nostalgic and remember some of the great times i had while using. It certainly was nt all bad but these moments occur infrequently now and with far less intensity. I love the opportunities i have created in my life by simply not using that first drug. I have never had so much to lose before and this is a great motivator for me now.

All the best. Kind regards Jeremy.
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It has been a while since I have dropped by this forum.
I have been clean from all substances for 7 months.  I am an alcoholic and an addict - switching from one to the other - denial telling me that if I was drinking but not using or vice versa all was well - lol.
I have been trying to get clean for the better part of 2 decades - at one point I had 5 years of clean time. But I stopped going to AA / NA.  It is amazing to me how the mind works.  It took no time for me to convince myself, that maybe one drink, one pill, one line etc. couldn't hurt.
I had 5 years!!  My life was back on track, work was good, friends and family trusted me again - and in the blink of an eye I was back to lying, sneaking around...you all know how it goes.
So now, I get to my meetings - I remind myself often that all that I have worked for could be lost in a minute if I pick up again.  I focus on what I want from my life, I go through the difficult times without looking to run from them.  I have learned that when I use, my problems don't disapear - they just lay in wait.
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So glad you made it back! While we are in recovery our addiction is in the gym doing pushups just waiting for us to get weak. Sometimes relapse can be a very credible teacher, though.
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Hi Giz
Well staying clean for me is seeing my drug councillor twice a week. I also take it day by day i could never say never again.But if like today i was craving for the first time in three months it was not a nice feeling. But i stay clean by ocuping myself with different things.Like i will watch a good movie,take the dog out if its bad i will go to a na meeting. I also listen to lots of music and turn negatives into positives like if i start taking drugs again i wont have money to buy things that cheer me up. Example one day i had over £ 100 and while thinking about buying drugs, i quickly went into a jewelary shop and spent £ 90 on a pair of ear rings for Kim. She loves them and the smile on Kim,s face was a better feeling than any drug i have ever taken. I also now own a car and with the cost of fuel and so on, if i was taking drugs i wold not be able to afford to run it. These are the things that keep me away from dugs. But im not cured i work hard to stay sober and it works for me. I have never been so happy just mad about all the money waisted over 13 years of heroin addiction. Hope that helps bud ,,,,,James
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