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Staying Clean

I have read in a lot of people posts that getting clean is the easy part but staying clean is hard.  Does anyone have any reccomondations on how to stay clean?
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Try AA/NA , or a drug counselor. life changes are what i need, and im in the process of making more and more of those. this forum is an awesome way to stay clean, or at least it is for me!!
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Join NA and stay connected with it. Post a lot here.
Change your life style. Do not associate with so called 'friends' that use. They are really not your friends.

Be honest with yourself and those around you.

For me, most importantly, make a irrevocable decision to not touch that poison again. I know it is not safe for me to take them.

After care is important. These drugs seem to have a mind of their own. They are smarter and craftier than you. Be wary of their tricks.
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Getting involved in some kind of support group.

Attend AA/NA meetings...check around...every meeting has a little different flavor ..pick on you feel comfortable at. If you don't feel comfortable sharing at them...just listen for awhile...
Counseling or therapy...helps us to get to the core issues of why we use drugs to "feel better". Often these issues are the ones that keep us in the grip of addiction.

I strongly believe that doing one/some of these things will greatly increase your odds of staying clean.....because nothing changes..if nothing changes...
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Don't misunderstand, withdrawals are not fun or easy at all! The point is, there is an ongoing battle after that to stay clean.
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I like this one too....

We keep doing the same things...expecting different results!!"
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honestly ,you have to find some type of after care ....some people do NA some see an addiction specialist ....some a therapist ....... you do need some thing if you plan on staying clean long term ........
Not having any after care is called white knuckling it ...it is very hard to do long term .....
everyone is different ,for me individual therapy is the best choice ......
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I have a dr. I am seeing and also I am thinking Of NA meetings. Google so you can see if there are any in your area which I am sure there are, you are doing great!
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i totally agree with everyone...ALthough w/d's is something i NEVER want to go through again, i did think that when it was over i would be ok...WRONG!!!  So i see a addiction specialist...She is very tough, but gives me a kick in my butt when i need...i do not attend meetings, i was looking for a small group...have not found on yet...But i rather stay here as my meetings!!!
I do beleive there are some that can do it without after care...But I am not one of them...
I have come to terms that this is a life long battle...And i hate that, because 3 yrs ago i never thought This is what would of happened...I am sure everyone can agree to that..
good luck and find what works for you
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