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Staying clean

Hello all.  I don't post much anymore but I wanted to tell you all that I've been clean for over 120 days.  I did not think I would ever get here.  I went through WD and then relapsed so many times and I didn't think I'd ever get clean.  Well, guess what?  This last time stuck!  It is still a daily battle.  You can never let your guard down.  You have to make the conscious choice everyday to stay clean that day.  I was so weak willed and had every excuse in the book for relapsing.  But, I made a choice, cut off all of my sources (a must!!) and dug in.  I am over 120 days and hardly ever crave.  It's amazing.

To all of those in their first 10 days or so, hang in there!  It does get better.
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So how long didn't take for your energy to come back? Do you bounce out of bed and have stamina all day?
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It took awhile for the energy to come back.  I'd say that I didn't feel GREAT until after the 30 day mark.  The WD was better after day 5 or 6 but I didn't feel really good until after a month or so.  Hang in there!  It does get better.
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ok, so I can look forward to some relief? I just needed to hear that it will get better on its own and that I will not feel this way for ever. I need to muster up the energy and do what I need to do on a daily bases. I really NEEDED to hear that. Hear I set praying that I can get up and go to class but if it is going to take that long then I just need to do what I need to do.
One more questions for you. How did you keep your focus on things? I'm having a hard time doing homework. My brain doesn't want to read or work. I have a lot to do but I can't seem to get my brain in gear.
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thanks for your post. Today is day 13 for me. I am tired of being tired but so very happy I am not longer enslaved to opiates. I still have a few hours a day were I feel sick but at least at this point I know it will pass. I look forward to the day were my energy level kicks up a notch. Way to go for you. Thank you for sharing. Keeps me inspired.
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Yes there is relief in sight.  I can tell you that I felt like the both of you.  I felt like once WD was over that I should be instantly better, but I wasn't.  Sure I felt better but the energy and the sleep thing lingered for a bit.  Unfortunately other than a Bcomplex I didn't take anything to help.  I dragged a bit and just went through the motions for awhile.  I went to work and then came home and just vegged out because I had no energy, but it slowly started to get better.  I also had a problem focusing in the beginning but I think that is related to the no energy/no sleep thing.  It all seemed to come together around the 30 day mark.  I started to feel "normal" and I started sleeping again then.  I now sleep better than ever!  No problem going to sleep and staying asleep.  I know 30 days seems far off right now but if you hang in there you will be glad you did.  After 60 days I hardly craved and after 90 I forgot what it was like to be on pills all the time.  Truly I look back over that time and think what an idiot I was....always counting pills, worrying about them running out, trying to ration them out, clearing the calendar of anything when I knew I'd be out and going through WD.  What a terrible way to live!  Hang in there!  You will be so glad you did.  Look how far you've come already!  Good luck on the rest of the way and keep going.
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