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My fiance is 28 years old.. soon to be 29..   he does steroids..  hes done them for about 5 years now.  not continuously but on and off..  he does the harsh stuff like tren, dboll,...   others I cant remember..   I am hoping to be pregnant, we'll see in 2 weeks.. I dont want that stuff in my house when I'm pregnant or have a baby..  be he says he going to do another cycle in feb..

What are you opinons of steroids..  hes very knowlegable and makes them sound not too bad for you.. but then I read all the stuff on the internet and see how much it effects your body, mood... ect..  

Any advice is greatly appreciated!   THX
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hon i wish i can help u...u should check out the pregnancy community...u might get some answers there...
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Its not the pregnancy thing I'm worried about..  its my mans health??  I want to know if people agree or disagree with anabolic steroids..  cuz he does them..
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I just don't think that many people who read this forum know much about steroids.
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hi, i don't know much about the subject myself, but my cousin used them and recently stopped. i think they can cause liver damage, reproductive problems, and dependency. im sure you can find some info somewhere on the net. he said he was becoming addicted, and needed it
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Thanks everyone!!  
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I can't imagine how anything that has gotten sooooo much bad press can in any way be good for you. It sounds like he only WANTS to see the rosy picture that steroids paint and ignore the bad. Just like all of us in here, we ignored the bad part of the drugs we are addicted to and just went along with the smooth feeling that drugs provide. It sounds like he might have an emotional attachment to them and not so much a physical if he goes for periods between uses.

My concern would be if when you conceived if he was on the steroids at that time. Could that cause a problem in a fetus?

I feel for you and like want2bmeagain suggested, you might try to the pregnancy forum and see what kinds of hits you get. MedHelp has pregnancy forums. Here is the link to a listing of all their forums:       http://www.medhelp.org/forums.htm      ; Sorry but you will have to copy and paste the link into your address bar or right at the top of the page is an icon that says forums, click there. The right hand column has pregnancy and it is divided into age groups.

Good luck darlin'

Good luck to you both.
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your help is greatly appreciated !!  THANK YOU
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I used them in high school and while in the marine corps but just for a bit. That has been over 10 years ago. Have you talked to him about the way you feel about him using? I know when I was on them I was very short tempered. Tell him his body looks fine and you are worried about his health. Let him know that you don't want steriods around when having a baby. There are plenty of supplements out there besides steriods that will help. I don't really remember any kind of withdrawal effects when I stopped using them but I wasn't on them for long. I was using dbol. Just talk to him and if he cares about your feelings at all, he will quit. Best of luck!
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I have told him that I was concerned about his health.. he says I know nothing about them and that I dont know what I'm talking about..  
I've told him how I feel..  he says why do you feel that way??  and I say its cuz your health.. and he comes back with you read the internet.. not the facts..

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The facts are that they are dangerous. They can cause heart problems, impotence, liver damage, and irritation of the stomach lining. There are other problems that can occur. Hopefully you can get that through his head. It sounds like that is going to be a difficult task. Just try and talk him in to doing it for you. It sounds like you're in a tough position. I wish I could be more help.
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  He's an addict just like any othwer look at what that wrestler did to his wife and son he was on steroids too don't be so nieve wouldn't marry someone doing that **** little lone have his baby  think twice dear your asking for trouble research it yourself you sound clueless.  Knowledge is power, gain some and lose mr; steriod what the big deal about being big they look like freaks and their privates shrink can't imagine what the sperm is like.  See what it does to his body he real wrapped up in his body image isn't he.  What a shame what people do to themselves don't marry a steriod freak sorry but it's serious business.
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Steroids are positively not healthy. If he tells you they are he's lying or doesn't know the full truth. I lift weights and have for a long time. I don't use steroids and never will. They do all sorts of crazy things to you and what "we don't yet know about them" is the worst. There is a lot of unknown results of steroids.

You have a serious issue and I doubt you will make any progress on this. I wish you luck but people I've know who roid are near impossible to convince they have to stop.

Addiction is a funny thing. Nobody stops until they go, "Oh man... I really have a problem. I need to stop this before something terrible happens." until a person gets to that point you won't change them. Call me harsh but you don't stand a chance.

I realize this post is not in the spirit of these forums. It's not encouraging in the least but I don't want to give you the impression that you can "talk" him into quitting. You might be able to but I'd give finding a cure for cancer better odds.

So he does it in cycles. That means he just finished something where they "test". Now he's got a break for a while where he can use them without fear of being caught. What sport or event is he in? He's shaping his usage around games/competitions/etc... stops soon enough it's not in his system and doesn't use during the contest. Then he starts up during the off-time and uses until another contest. I'm totally guessing but it sure seems like that is what he is doing.

I suppose if I were you I wouldn't try to convince him of anything. I'd talk with him and ask him the questions you are asking us. Then I'd ask him if he'd go to some classes or the library and learn more about them with you. Don't take his word for the risks. Instead say, "I know what you think about them. But I want to hear from a trained medical professional or medical resource such as a text. Will you come with me?" I'd be very clear that you are not asking him to stop you just want him to come along and learn more about them with you because you are concerned. Maybe as you each learn more about them specifically what he is using he may change his mind on his own.

You have to somehow give him enough information, in such a way that he's not defensive. He has to come to an understanding on his own and decide it's time to quit.

Good luck to you and all I can say is be very patient and do not try to control him. You will lose him if you do that. Your only hope is to educate him and let him make his own decisions.

Good Luck!
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