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Still fighting mood swings

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all a happy and HEALTHY New Year. I need some help and was wondering if anyone else feels like this.  I have been clean for 14 months and I am on a cycle of one day feeling ok and the next feeling depressed and anxious. Some days I don't want to get out of bed. And yet some other days I have energy and life is almost hopeful.  I am really tired of feeling bad. Scared anxious sad all of it. Don't want to go out because I can't handle life.  Does anyone else feel like this. Does anyone with more time clean remember feeling like this. I am feeling so down today all I want to do it go to bed and cry myself to sleep.  Any advise?
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Hi bob....well if you had a bad habit over the time of several years it is not uncommon to feel the way you do..
it is called ''post acute withdrawal''....not everyone gets it but it su cks if you do....just know with time it will pass..  far to often we think we can bounce back from years of abuse in a month....as addicts ''we want it and want it now'' but recovery does not work this way.....If I where you I would recamend get is full phyic eveulation you may need to go on antidepressants for a wile....what your feeling is what I refer to as the ''Mind screw'' and many people relapse to get rid of the feeling....please get the evaluation from a qualified physiologist b/4 you relapse  also you may want to read up on ''post acute withdrawal''  just google it....
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I think we have mentioned checking into some AD meds before.  They are non narcotic and will help you get over this  hump.  Many people have to do this.  You have been dealing with this long enough.  Check into it.
I've used Cymbalta and am still using it for depression and pain... I've also used clonidine and Seroquel for mood stabilization and at one point Trazadone for anxiety/insomnia... all work, non addicting...I am a bit of a wimp though and have had a relatively easy ride for 6 years of heavy daily use. HR
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