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Still foggy? when will I THINK??

I am a week clean from 15mg 4x for a year. Take for bad lumbar problems. Lost 60lb so now
There is less twist on the back. Also do Pilates for people with messed up backs.

I have an addictive history with time in AA, and have never handled narcotic meds well.
Had meltdowns with alcohol and benzos in the past, but that is not my problem now.

I know I am in too big of a hurry sometimes to be "all better," but boy am I foggy. Simple tasks like
shopping or showering take it out of me- I really have to concentrate on what I am doing. I suffer from
anxiety as well, but do not want any more meds.

I have read this website about the Thomas recipe, and have been supplementing the minerals and amino

Kind of rambling, but I would like to hear other people's experience in "getting the thinking cap"
back on. Boy when I was using the oxy, I felt like I was walking 10 feet high, and I am a professional
person like many here on the forum- I had nerves of steel after my beloved pill would take hold.

Now I am really timid, and almost afraid of people. I am not working and just began unemployment, so the
money thing is covered with a supportive working wife.

I just can't bear the thought of taking a bottle of Oxy with me to the hearafter. If that costs me some panic
attacks so be it.

Even though I walk a little funny (scared of hurting the back) and just wobbly, it's nice to write something genuine this
Afternoon, last time a year ago on here I was full of @&$)

So I will appreciate any and all thoughts on the process, however slow, of becoming human again, and
getting my physical and mental abilities back.

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I know how you feel. Im going through the same ordeal, coming off methadone. My mind is always in a blur. I think it just takes time. Thats what they say in NA. I wish i was more help. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone
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It does come back, it just takes some time. We have to heal. I am 2 1/2 months clean and I noticed a big change as far as clarity around the 2 week mark. At one month things were pretty much back to normal with the exception of some lingering anxiety and slight sleep issues. Everyone is different, but I suspect that you will start feeling better and clearer very soon. Congrats on the clean time! Keep up all of the hard work. Time heals all wounds!
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Yes indeed! Time is the Greatest Healer Here. It will take time for the neurotransmitter in your brain to balance back. Thank goodness it was only a year! You should be coming around really soon. Hang tight and ride with the wave you will be up on that beach soon.
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