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So first part of the day felt pretty good. Had a killer work out and surprised I get through it with such intensity without a pill. I had gotten used to taking a pill 30 minutes before a work out for energy but the music and the crowd got me going and I looked like a stepped out of the shower at the end of the hour. Was soaked in sweat . Had tummy discomfort all day but took Imodium and while I made 3 trips too many to the restroom it wasn't runs. Took 5 mls and was amazed that I still felt somewhat elevated with only 5 mls after 14 hours without and Meds. My tolerance is still very low. Just took an other 5 as I felt stomach pain and fatigue 6 hours after the last 5 mls. I will keep pushing through and third will be done if I stay with this track unless I drop to just 5 for the next few days then Sunday will be over. I have to stop looking ahead to what's going to come both mentally and physically next week. My bro back from AZ thurs and my plan is to confide in him about what I am going thru. I also plan to ask advice about best meetings near me to attend as he has been down my road but much worse ( although I think everyone's experience is probably the worst for that individual). As much as I know I should tell my husband and look for support , I can't bring myself to do it. He has no addiction in his family and is so smug about it. I know the shame will remain down on me and that's not what I need right now. He was my first boyfriend. Met him at age 19. Been together forever and I know him better than anyone. He is very judgmental and hard to talk to. Anyway thanks for listening. Will keep praying for peace in my mind and body so I can get through this. I have never used alchohol but anyone think I should try a glass of wine to help with sleep ? I was always prone to insomnia before the pills took over my life. I am certain that I will be right back in my sleepless pattern x 10 when I am finally done with these devils. Thanks for listening.
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There is a natural sleeping aid you can get from Walmart , I know for sure . It is called melatonin . It helps me fall asleep and sleep good . A glass of wine on the other hand is an ok way to wind down . I've done that too when I ran out of melatonin . Glad you are doing better . Praying for more progress . Good luck to ya .
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I would not recommend the wine...you may end up finding that you reach for it more and more often...I can vouch for that from experience as it is not uncommon to trade addictions.  There is a great line of drinks called Neuro that you get a Target or other stores...there is a sleep/de-stress one in the line that really helped me.  They are with the teas and flavored waters, a little pricey, but only 1/2 in the evening worked for me.  As did a magnesium citrate supplement I got at my natural food store called Natural Calm (just be sure you follow directions and start with smallest amount as not to add to tummy issues).  Sleepy time teas help some folks as well.  You are doing great...keep up the exercising and stay hydrated. Peace.
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