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Still tapering update

Yay me. Tried to go down to 30 methadone from 35 and no issues on day 3.... unlike last time. I think it is because i waited several weeks at 35.... my body told me to slow down. This site has helped so much. Will wait a few weeks and go to 25 mg.... before u know it, i may be DONE!!! Cant wait!!
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good for you. keep the faith. yes just let your body adjust to each taper before you go down again.
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hey David......im so happy to hear your taper went better this time.....there is just no rushing it with methadone this is a race where the tortus wins not the hare.....  as addicts we want it and want it now.... your doing this right now ALWAYS let your body be the final judge in dropping dose....those vitamins I recamend have had a chance to get in your system it was one of the best finds I know of wile detoxing....methadone is a funny drug   I would get prepaired for the brunt of it and get nothing  then I would just drop 2mg and it was like pulling teeth....you never know until your drop if it is going to be ez or had it is different for everyone.....the longest I had to wait was at 20mg I got to there and even a 1mg drop would put me in hard withdrawals....I remember screaming at my wife...''im going to be a f ucking junky the rest of my life''....I just cant do this any more....well after my little fit I decided to just wait it out.....it took 6 friggin weeks for me to get past it after the initial drop I was good from 20 to 10 with little withdrawal....go figure.....just know it is possible even when your body is telling you it is not.....where hear to help and will contue to support you....so come on and post  scream at your computer and vent  no one said this was going to be ez but with perseverance and resolve you will get threw it.....please list your symptom when they flar up we have lots of home cures to help.....there is no completely comfortable way to do this but your symptoms can be managed....some day you will look back on this and if your like me it will always be one of my greatest accomplishments ....stay strong and never give up
YOU CAN DO THIS....................
I am so happy for you. (Smiley face) way to go.  Going slower IMO and letting your body be the judge as to when you go lower is a good plan.  You are doing great.  
You all really help and inspire me! I hope to do same when i am finally clean. Thank you so much!
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