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Stopped painkillers at 18 weeks...will it show?

I found out I was pregnant at 15 weeks. A little late, but I had no real symptoms and was told I could not get pregnant as my cysts disrupted my ability. However, i was very happy. I was taking painkillers at the time and put myself through a fast detox, stopping completely at 18 weeks and 4 days. My two questions are this: one, have I done any damage to my child? I know that i quit later than I would have liked, but as I was able to stop before the end of thr 2nd trimester I believe she should be okay? And two: I have a huge fear that my baby will be taken at birth if they test the meconium because I'm not sure how far back it is able to detect. I already love my baby girl and am very much ready to be a mother. I set the nursery up and bought her everything she could need. I was able to quit without the help of methadone or suboxone and I've been clean from everything. Quit smoking cigarettes too of course. I just hope to god that i can take ny baby home with me. When she is born I will have 5 months 10 days sober so to my knowledge i might even pass a hair folicle test?? I think they go back 6 months so I believe if I could hold off on one for a little bit I coulf even pass that which is a great feeling. But the anxiety and worry of not being with my little one and of her having any sort of pain that ive caused is keeping me up all night! Help!
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You really need to be honest with your doctor Incase it does show, or if they drug test you or baby and it shows and you weren’t honest than you’ll be raising red flags. I know it’s hard but I just had to have a talk with my doctor about a one time usage. And he was completely understand and was glad that I did in fact say something so that Incase something is wrong with baby and know what he’s been exposed to, they can help better. The only way you wouldn’t get to take him home with you is if it was in your system at delivery, depending where you are located or if it shows up and nothing was said about it.
I was legit terrified to have the talk but if I wouldn’t have said anything and it came up then it would have been a problem. They want to help you not take your kid. So my advice would be to push through and have the conversation even though you don’t want to. They do prescribe pain killers sometimes in pregnant women so depending on the dosage it’s okay. But if you took it during your first trimester that’s when it could effect baby the most. Last trimester you deal with withdrawals, but first trimester is when your baby is developing internally so, to be on the safe side for your kid. I would talk to your doctor, as long as you cooperate with your doctor and or Cps by taking classes and what not you’ll be fine. But if you hide it and it shows it’ll be a problem
SO proud of you, Chelsrob!!!!!!!!

And here you are helping another pregnant mama!!
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