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Strange question and possibly TMI...

Sorry if this is too much for some but I'm wondering if anyone else experience their urine being strange in color during detox?
I am on day 13 and since day 3, it goes from bright yellow to bright green, bright orange, back to green and so on.
Do I drink alot of water? No, but I never have and have never experienced it being anything but almost clear.
Could there be something else going on?
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Gee, I have never heard that being a side effect? Hang tight, more folks will drop in. I'm interested. Your not eating lots of colored candy are you?
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Are you taking vitamins?  Multi vitamins and especially vitamin C turn the urine these bright colours(:
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Hi Scriptnomore.. I will post a chart I use. If this persist go to the Dr. You may have something going on. take care lesa

Abnormal colors

Since the normal color of urine is pale yellow, variations can be an indication of health problems or be the result of certain foods that have been eaten.
Clear urine

If a person has been drinking an excess of water or diuretics such as coffee or beer, the urine may have little or no color. Typically, it is nothing to worry about if it happens occasionally.
Yellow urine

Excess sweating could result in the urine becoming a deeper yellow. Also, it is a sign that you have not been drinking enough liquids
Dark yellow urine

Liver problems or jaundice can cause the urine to become consistently a dark yellow color. Be sure you have been drinking enough fluids before jumping to conclusions.
Orange urine

People who eat too many carrots--like from a juicer--may see orange urine. Also, too much Vitamin C can turn the urine orange.
Brown urine

Brown urine can an indication of a serious condition. It could be caused by liver disease, hepatitis, melanoma cancer, or copper poisoning. Other symptoms from those ailments should also be considered as indicators. But note that if you had recently eaten fava beans or taken a laxative, your urine also could turn brown.
Greenish urine

A urinary tract infection, bile problems and certain drugs can cause the urine to turn greenish. A brighter green color is an indication of an excess of B vitamins.
Blue urine

Urine with a bluish tint can be caused by a psuedomonas bacterial infection. It can also be an indication of high levels of calcium.
Reddish urine

There are a number of things that can cause the urine to have a red tint.

A small amount of blood in the urine can give it a red tint. Sometimes droplets of blood are seen. A bladder infection, kidney stones or bladder stones can result in urine with red in it. Also, a slight injury to the bladder or kidney can result in bleeding into the urine. Some professional boxers have been known to pass blood in their urine after a fight.

If you see what looks like blood in your urine, it is a good idea to go to the doctor to check the condition.

Eating beets can result in reddish-purple urine.

Acidic urine will turn red after eating blackberries. Alkaline urine will look reddish after eating rhubarb. Whether your urine is acidic or alkaline is usually determined by other foods you have eaten.

Candy or pills with a dye can temporarily turn the urine red.

Lead or mercury poisoning can turn the urine reddish. If you suspect you have ingested and have been handling those toxic metals, and your urine is red, you should see your physician.
What to do

If your urine has a strange color, and you have not been eating foods or taking pills that would cause the change in color, you should check yourself for other unusual symptoms and perhaps visit your doctor.

Also, if the urine has a bad odor, it may be an indication of disease.

The color of your urine may determine the state of your health. Your kidneys process liquids from what you have been eating and drinking, and the resulting urine consists of water and dissolved waste material. Certain colors of your urine can indicate problems, diseases or imbalances in your diet.
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I have been taking alot of vitamins and supplements since detoxing and I was just reading on Google that it is likely too much vitamin B.
I honestly had no idea that too much of a vitamin could be bad for you.
I also found it interesting that it says too much vitamin B can cause anxiety and increased heart rate, both things I am experiencing!
I will be cutting back on the B Complex!
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lol!!  I knew that's what it was.
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Vitamins (esp energy metabolism ones) can make your pee like a neon yellow/green color. Energy drinks do the same. You say u don't drink lots of water...u should...everyday...ESP thru detox.
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