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Sub. makes me emo

I wish I could make up my freaking mind about sub. or not its actually ruined my day when it started off being a good one too. I got a splitting headache now >.<
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I think its different for everyone and it depends on your doctor as well as what kind of support you get. Don't let whatever negative things others say about sub deter you. I was on Lexparo and many people say they had a bad reaction to it, couldn't get off of it, etc. I had no problem with it, taking it or stopping it. Every drug effects us differently. Do your research and make an informed decision.

If you've tried other methods like taper and cold turkey and have relapsed sub may be for you. Think about it.

See if any one on the forum has a good sub doctor in your area.
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let the chips fall where they may. I would wait to see until your physical to see whats up take a few days and see how u feel then. Mike
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Crispy have you been to the sub website. There is a post with the address with tons of usefule info at the site. I would use it once all else fails. Your a few days in detox right. Try to get through the w/d's without and try to go without the sub. Like I said only as a last resort. That was my situation, I to faught over it for months before finally deciding to take it. Read as much as you can and talk to as many people as you can. Ask the doctor if he can give any references of people that have taken it.  I talked to two of my doctors patients that used it and are not taking it anymore. He has to get their permission first. I have already told him I would speak to anyone who wants to ask about it. See what you can do right now, you just might surprise yourself. Make up your mind that this is it.
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