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I am 23 weeks pregnant with a little girl i have been taking suboxone since before i got pregnant is my baby going to go through withdraws i have had people tell me shr wouldn't and some say she will
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I assume you are getting subs from a doctor? TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR asap.
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I have and he says baby wont withdraw
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I have and he says baby wont withdraw
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Hi and welcome to our community.  I think the baby will have withdrawal. It is imperative that you tell your obstetrician a out the situation.  It is the only way to get a correct answer and plan of care in place for you and your baby. Please don't put off telling the doctor another minute. There is nothing to be afraid of or embarassed about. You are not the first person in this situation. Yours is a high risk pregnancy and must be monitored. Do not under any circumstances stop or taper by yourself. W/d is safer after the birth. In utero we can't help them as much. So talk to a doctor. Do it for the baby. After birth come back and we will help u wirh the subs.
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All of my doctors know that i take subs and are legaly percribed
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Ok so what did they tell you? What did your OB say? Why the question?
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I'm wondering why your OB didn't switch you to subutext instead of suboxone. That is normal procedure when getting pregnant on the suboxone program. I'm thinking your OB is a moron.....I do think your baby with have w/d just as you will when you come off of them. Tapering slowly is the only way to avoid w/d from sub's. I would seriously talk to your addiction Dr as well as OB. How the hell did your addiction Dr not switch you?  This doesn't make sense to me????
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I know all docs do things different but I thought suboxone was a no no when you're pregnant. There were two pregnant girls that were at the clinic when I went. Both were on subutex because they were pregnant. Unless it's something new they discovered. You should do a lot of research on your own. I agree with motye you should be on a taper program. The less you're taking when you give birth, the less the baby will have to come off of as well.
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Hello, and congrats on your pregnancy
I was on subutex for my 2nd kid.  I was told the reason drs switch to subutex is because it only has the one drug in it. Buprenorphine, unlike suboxone which has both bup  and naloxone. So while pregnant,  you should be on as few meds as deemed necessary.
I was prescribed it, and all my drs knew. My drs prepared me for an inevitable withdrawaling newborn. They said he will withdrawal, but to what extent they couldn't know until at least 3 days old. And like clockwork,  my baby showed signs on day 3. He spent 7 days in nicu. And went home on 7 days of methadone.  He had feeding issues at first, breastfeeding was a challenge,  but necessary for him to "taper" better. It was heartbreaking, I was riddled with guilt. The only ones who knew where my husband and dad. I was ashamed,
But God only gives you what you can handle. I tried to come off the suboxone after having him, but relapsed almost immediately.
That was also hard. I made my newborn withdraw and I couldn't stop feeling guilty that , if he can do it, so can i.
My drs also said that severity of  withdrawal is not dose dependant.
So you could be on a high dose and your baby does fine or low dose and he withdrawals
My son is now 2.5
Please message me with any questions or post here
I just wanted to share my story with you
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Thats why i was asking i go to the clinic today i am seeing a different doctor than i usually do today my ob has said nothing to me about the med except i was in the hospital 2 mpnths ago from dehydration and he said not to stop and the suboxene doc said he has had several patients that took suboxone and there babys had no withdrawls but i have had serveral people off streets say the baby would i will let yall know what the doc i am seeing today says im seeing this doc because my doc is out on leave for a little while
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