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Suboxine vs. Methadone

First, I was in the methadone clinic for 4 years. I detoxed it was horrible. I tapered down to 5mg. Then cold turkey until I couldnt take it and went to detox. Months later Im still not sleeping so VERY REGRETFULLY STARTED METHADOEN AGAIN. Now I am taking 50mg a day.
   My question is I WANT OFF QUICK! Im about to switch to suboxine. Will a month of low suboxine use give my body time to kick most of the methadone? Secondly, are suboxine withdrawls as bad as methadone and how long to they last? Thanks for any advice and any advise on alternative meds (vitamins/holistic) for withdrawls.
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Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear you weren't still feeling well. Sorry to hear you started methadone again. What mgs were you at and how long did you take to taper?
How long were you off before you started again?
It takes months for  your body, mind, brain and spirit to adjust to no drugs. Your brain has to rewire itself.
Sleeping is usually the last thing to return. How long have you been back on methadone?
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Hi there. Yes, sleeping is the very last thing to return. It seems that you are trying to find the "magic" way of not having to deal w/ this symptom of detox. It doesn't work that way. Your getting on subs would just prolonging this misery. And I know you don't want to be here again, but you will be if you continue w/ subs. I cannot even tell you how many people come on here miserable from sub detox. When was the last time you were completely clean? That needs to be your goal. Methadone is a very long detox, longer than "regular" opiates, like pills. What have you been doing for aftercare all this time? Learning to live clean is the goal here. Keep posting, more folks will be on here.
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P.S.- for sleep- exercise is vital! It will help your depression as well. Also try melatonin.
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Hi...well most sub doctor want you at or below 30mg b/4 inducing sub... sub is a funny drug some people come off it with little problems  others go threw hell you just dont know until you kick it we have had members that have done what your trying to do with success  just let us know what you decide.........Gnarly
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