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Suboxone or not?

I go to a new Dr. Tomorrow  for an assessment to see if I should go on it. Last time I used 3 doses and than nothing. The first week from what I can remember  was the hardest. Chills yawning goosebumps over and over kinda like crawling skin. I knew that I couldn't sleep or eat. I lost about 20 lbs. So I'd like to hear about everyone's experience with Suboxone  and if they think I should try it. I've started  takin about 1 a day 5 months ago. Now I've been taking 2 to 3 30mg oxy a day. Last time I stopped I was up to 6 to 1p day. For 7 years. It's only been 5 months and I do feel w/d after 12 hours or so. Do you the w/d will be as bad as the first time?
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Hi, are you planning on taking the suboxone shorterm to withdraw from the oxy or switch to a suboxone program?
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I was only planning on taking them to help me with the withdrawal  and them stopping.
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I don't want to be addicted to them too so I hoping that the dr. I see tomorrow  will agree with me. Just like a week worth. That's what I thought they where for short term but I've seen alot of people on them for months and or years is that a normal thing?
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Suboxone was initially prescribed for short term use and over time it is something now that people take long term.

If you are going to, then yes short term should be your goal.

But there's alot to think about before making this kind of decision.

Why are you currently taking oxy? Is it prescribed? Were you abusing it?

Past  history of drug abuse/relapse.

Your medical/psychiatric history

Your current environment. Whether it is stable or not. Do you have dependant children. Support from family and friends?

Do you have people in your environment that you need to cut ties with?

Establishing 'after care' which should really start immediately not after you have 'detoxed'. Eg attending 12step programs, seeing a psychologist etc etc.

If you choose to use suboxone to withdraw from the oxy. Then the time frame should be for no longer then 3wks or less, dosing etc etc, must be stuck to.

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In a nut shell, taking suboxone to withdraw is only going to help ease your withdrawl symptoms. It is not going to fix why you abuse your doc, why you relapse etc etc. You must have an iron clad 'after care' plan in place which you will stick to and give your all to for good, before you even consider taking suboxone to 'withdraw'
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I took it for a 10 day period when I went to treatment and I wish I never had.  The withdraw from it was worse and longet even though they said that wouldn't happen since they taper it.  BS.  Please don't go that route.  You will wish you hadnt.  And I was on dulaudid when I went in.  
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I was buying it. It's wasnt prescribed like it was 3 years ago. I cut ties with everyone the last time I detoxed. I am the only one working in my household. I have 2 kids 8 and 10 years old. Also my fiancé  amd his 14yR kid. my fiancé is in school fulltime. I share custody with my kids father half a week each. Last time I detoxed I didn't not have insurance and I didn't not speak in any support groups or do any aftercare. I just stopped and I guess I really didn't deal with the underlining issues that I have . In December  when I relapsed I turned. 38 and that was the age my died. And it hit me really hard and I ran to drugs to cover up my feeling and hide them and not deal and I'm hoping that with aftercare and meetings or NA or Aa.
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I am sorry your mother passed away, I too have experienced this.
Kit, my second post to you covers most of what you need to consider, whether you detox or cold turkey, you must have a plan in place to deal with the root of your addiction. You cannot do this on your own.
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I went to the dr. Today. He accepted me into the Suboxone program but I have to detox 2 days so I go back on Wednesday to get the Suboxone. I also talked to a therapist there today.Ill see him 2x a month. From what the therapist told me be getting 8mg strip. To divide in half and take 4mg 2x daily. But I'm not a 100% on this. They did give me clonidin today they said to taken it for my anxiety.  I trying hard today. Sweating and stomach ache.  2 days that's it . I gonna remain strong from 2 days. Also does anyone know why they give you clonidine?
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Hi. Are you taking the suboxone to detox or are you going on a maintenance program? I don't believe seeing a therapist twice a month is anywhere near enough to deal with your issues. Are you going to go to 12 step meetings (NA)? Taking suboxone is not going to treat your underlying issues. It's impossible. Kit you must immerse yourself in aftercare you have a long history of substance abuse and mental illness (from reading your previous posts). You need to work on the whole of you. Work through what is causing you to abuse drugs, otherwise the cycle of your drug abuse is going to keep repeating itself.
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