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Suboxone Addiction

Recently I have had folks addicted to suboxone ask me for help.  I visited some recovery facilities in Texas and Oklahoma and found lots of confusion and conflict.  Detox facilities said that they were using the durg for opiate addiction detox.  "Licensed" doctors said that they required a "contract" with the paitient to control the use of the drug.  One doctor said he will no longer prescribe suboxone due to paiient abuse.   Patients say that the drug is "too expensive" so they switch to other opiates like Loritabs or Oxy.  Those addicted to the drug seem afraid to detox.  The claim of the mfg. that the drug reduces or eliminates craving seems bogus after hearing the actual experience of addicts who have been  using the drug for more than a year.  Finally, most of the addicts I see cannot afford suboxone so they sart, or go back to  the hydrocodene meds.  This is a rapidly growing problem...Please comment,
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Um I am taking suboxone to help me get off oxy...so far it has been working great, no withdraw or craving. Most people think that the pill does all the work but you still need to get a counselour, NA etc. Suboxone has helped many to get off drugs. I go to a clinic so my doses are monitored, subs dont only do bad things to people, as of right now its saving my life from oxy.
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I took sub for nearly 4 years and never had cravings and never had an urge to use.  I have been clean from hydrocodone since July 2005 and completely off suboxone since June 2009 - I have never looked back. True, detoxing from the sub was a bit harder because it stays in the system, but by the time I detoxed from the sub, I had not taken another opiate for years and my drug seeking habits were long broken.  Part of the treatment must be up to the person being treated - they have to want to quit bad enough or it does not matter what they take - they will relapse.
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So, rehab facilities are prescribing opiate replacement drugs to addicts and some of them are abusing it? You're kidding, right? Yes, that's sarcasm dripping from my words. The fact is that whether it's methadone or Suboxone, people are going to abuse it. I bet the majority of people that are abusing the drug are also abusing the treatment. In other words, they have no desire to get well..but are out of dope and are sick. Sub stops the withdrawals until they can score again. As far as the cost, it's becoming cheaper since it went generic. It amazes me how people continually complain about the cost of Sub, expecting it to be a 10 buck co-pay, just because it's a prescription drug...and, all along they spend hundreds a week buying drugs off the street. Look, Suboxone isn't perfect. But, as far as opiate replacements go, Sub has a much lower (almost zero) overdose potential...and that makes it the better choice. Like I said..it's not perfect..but in this case the new devil is better than the devil you know.
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Have used sub when outta pills..did not use it to quit,,,cos i liked it too much
a hydro perc user//ie///lesser strength narcotics//get an nrg buzz at 2 mgs of this sticky stuff////i think it can be a new doc or a ticket to staying off the streets...like methadone it has its place,,,,better to use legally than illegally....keeps many outta trouble///altho i do not class it above methadone...perhaps safer in ways but both are maintenence narcs if used long term///altho both can be  used short term to help physical detox///but the physical isnt what usually causes relapse///tis the mental
Bogus represntation and Yes..they made their money...BIG TIME!   but now this drug will be tagged as an addict drug like methadone///sad but true////methadone is legally rx-ed for pain//so u may not look like a druggie///sub is not....a person who has sub on their prescription list//if run and some drs will///is defintiely on it for addiction.....aa strong narcotic...with a label attached,,,and the company tried to convince sub users that they were clean while on sub...rude awakening
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i need help big time i am in the suboxone program and when i stared it 6 or 7 months ago the reason was to get off of drugs which is still my reason for going but after the first 2 months takeing treatment i gave it to the feeling of wanting to snort my meds not to get high or to make it hit me faster but because i simply missed the drain the taste of it running down my neck but for the last 2 months or so i have done it a few time but not as much as when i first started which was like every day 4 or more times a day to now only doing it every couple of days to 1 or 2 times a day and i have almost completely lowered my self from doing it at all i have done it only 1 time in the last 4 days but i just found out that my doctor has started somthing new and he will be calling me to come in with in the next 2 weeks and i was told he will be doing checking my arms and stuff to see if i have been shoting up which i do not never have never will but he will also be sticking this light up my nose to see if i have been snorting the meds and i was told that he can tell even if my nose is clean because if someone snorts pills for so long then there will be a crease in your nose right behind the bone at the top of your nose and he also said that even thought you have used before that they can tell weather it was recently or long time ago because as soon as you stop it begains to heal is this true and how long does it take your nose to heal. please someone anyone help me this program has truly changed my life for the better i would most likly be dead without it and my little boy in some foster care and i know if i get kicked out of this program i will relapes i just have to much things to do in my daily ever day life to lay in bed for a month with withdraws please someone help me...........thanks to anyone who can help also i know what i done wasnt right but i can go back now so please dont fouces on that try to help me how long does it take for the crease on the inside of your nose to heal from snorting pills
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You may want to copy and paste your post and start a new thread. Many times when someone posts on a post that is already up it tends to get overlooked. At the top of the page click on "post a question". This will bring up another page to where you can copy and paste your above post or you can type it again. You will get more people looking at it then.
I'm not able to help you with your question but hopefully someone will come along and be able to help. If worse comes to worse depending on how many subs you have left you could always start to taper off of them. It will take a lot of willpower but if done slow enough you shouldn't be laid up for a month. I have never been through withdrawals from sub but have been from other opiates. I had to care for my two young kids at the time due to being mr. mom from a back injury. My son also has a learning disability so he required more attention. It wasn't easy by any means but not impossible.
I guess another option would be to start looking for another sub doctor. If you start now you should be able to get in soon.
I know you said you are trying to take them they way they are intended but you really need to. A lot of times abusing our meds will end up causing us to relapse back to our previous drug or sometimes something even worse.
Do you plan on getting off the sub eventually? If so you came to the right place. You will get so much support. There are some wonderful people here who will not judge and help you through. Many of us have walked in the same shoes so know what you went through before the sub. There are also some on here that have successfully tapered off of sub after being on it for years so it is possible. It is possible for you also.
Best of luck to you!
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