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Suboxone-Blood Glucose

     I've been prescribed and taking Suboxone for approximately 30 days and have noticed a significant increase in my blood glucose level.  I've asked my pharmacist for her opinion but she knows very little about the topic.  I haven't asked my shrink yet but will at my next appointment.  In the meantime, this has me spooked.  Anyone know???
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Thank you for the input on Serroquel.  I too have been taken off of the same medication due to the inability to control my Glucose levels while on it.  Still struggling a bit, but am doing much better.  First appointment to see my shrink is on 1/30/2013 in ref to Suboxone.  Please post a comment in the event that anything should change on the Glucose Level and I will do the same.                  GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
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Will do...I take it for pain management...I'm going back to norco
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     Thanks to all who responded about the Suboxone-blood sugar problem. It wasn't Suboxone but Seroquel, another drug prescribed "off label" to help me sleep.  For those of you who don't know, Seroquel is a vile, nasty drug with very serious side effects including Diabetes.  If you are taking this poison, do your homework by checking all of the articles on the web.  Good luck.
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Are you a diabetic?
If so, I would call the DR. just to make sure you are covering all the bases.
I have no experience with sub...good luck!
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I'm on Sub. but have not heard this. Had my sugar and other blood work done the day I started Sub, so that wouldn't show anything. I'll have to try and remember to get my sugar tested (my mom has diabeties and has the little tester kit).
Maybe someone else has heard of this.
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I don't know but there are others on suboxone that might. This will bump up your post.
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