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Suboxone Cost?

I live in Delaware and was wondering if anybody could tell me how much a 10 day supply of Suboxone would cost? Or basically a 10 day detox program. I have no insurance but I think I can raise enough for this if it is within reason.
Thanks So Much
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I am not sure the cost in Delaware but here in the Lone Star State it ranges from $320.00 --------400.00, that is the cost for 60 Eight mg tabs. If you have insurance you can claim the medication on it and pay cash for the doctor. Some sub docs will take insurance. It depends on which way you want to go. Doctors and treatment can be expensive in it's self. there are several post that will tell you how to go about finding a doc.

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I paid about 350.00 for my treatment.. it was 10 days. Saw the doc twice and it included the Sub itself and clonidine and some lunesta...
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Hmmm.  I know Doctor shopping is a bad word but in this case, I would call around.  One doc wanted 750 bucks the other just wrote me a script... as far as the cost of the pills, I had insurance and dunno that.
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Does it work, the suboxone or do you end up detoxing off it also?
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i live in de as well. i have been going to a doc in salisbury which is 150 per visit. last script for 60 8mg pills cost around 400 at happy harrys. definitely worth it. i have been on it for 6 weeks now, the doc only sees me once a month now and hopefully will start to taper me next visit. hope this was helpful.
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it depends on if you plan on taking it short term or long term...short term i have heard very, very , mild for a couple of days...long term i have heard good and bad stories....
the cost is anywhere between $6-$8 bucks a piece from what i hear...i pay about $6.70 a piece for mine...and my doctor NOW charges me $50 bucks a visit and i only have to see her every  3 months now...but i got lucky, she didnt charge me 1 cent for the first 7 months, i cant complain, shes been great to me! but i hear horror stories of the cost doctors charge all the time, do your shopping, and ask a lot of questions....if you go to turntohelp dot com  they have a place where you type in your zipcode and it will list all the sub docs in your area...or suboxone dot com   GL!
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I am looking for a doctor that provides suboxone in Chicago that is not very expensive.  Does anyone know of a doctor in or around Chicago that I could go to.
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I go to an addiction psychologist here in PA. My insurance covers the Subs I just have to pay my 30.00 co-pay. But last month he up-ed my dosage a little in the middle of the month so I ran 2 pills short. I had to buy them at the pharm. Cost me $7.00 each to buy straight out. I think it varies alot from state to state.
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this post is old. go to the top of the page and hit post a question youll get more help
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Here in L.A. with Kaiser I paid $65.00 for a 10 day supply. It was only 14 2mg pills though.
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I am seeking suboxone treatment in ohio.  I went to NAABT.org and they had 3 doctors email me.  I have insurance and they all want at least 450.00  to see me.  Is there ANYWHERE in ohio kentucky or indiana I can get treatment using my insurance?
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Just wanted to leave a quick comment ... Its a method my friends use to obtain suboxone, and a way for you to pay less for you medication... 1st, you can goto many pharmacies and get the medication filled as needed, and since many of my friends only NEED a fraction of a pill each day, so try to ask for the larger 8MG pills. The 2MG pills are exactly 1/4 in every way of the 8MG pills 8/2 compared to 2/0.5 .... The cost, pretty much everyone has it right it will run between 300 to 450 as long as you are getting 60-90 pills..... Me personally ... 90 8MG pills would be about 1 years worth of medication these days... i always get the 8MG pills and break them into about 5 pieces  .... and if you REALLLLLY want to get off, then you will get to these low doses too .... I once took OC 80s upto 4X daily ... the withdraws from those were HELL..... suboxone is a blessing ...
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Sorry I made those first few lines run wrong ...... I meant to explain the AS NEEDED thing .... The prescription may be 90, but you may only need to get 1,5, 14 or whatever filled right here and now .... many pharmacies will allow you to fill those as needed ....
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Suboxone doctors who refuse to accept insurance & overcharge crazy fees should be ripped of their license!  Addiction is a disease & people suffering from it should not have to pay these ridiculous fees!  They take insurace for every other medical problem!  How are addicts wanting help supposed to get it if they can't afford to pay!  This is not right.  I am a college graduate, who has been on suboxone for a while now, & it has given me my life back!  I have a great doc who accepts insurance & doesn't charge all these extra fees & cost!  Federal legislation needs to be passed to prevent docs from screwing people over that are suboxone patients!
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The cost of Suboxone (buprenorphine) and doctor's fees vary.  I agree there is gouging.  My thoughts on how much should be charged as well as how you can find a suboxone doctor in your area can be found at http://www.allaboutsuboxone.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=100&action=edit

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withdraws r hell
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The cost for 47 of the 8 MG strips that dissolve under your tongue WITH the a suboxone coupon is around $300-$400 in Seattle. I used to charge 17 a piece, life was good, now they have dropped to 7-10 a piece b/c of "the economy". UGH.  Good thing is I am almost off of them. I was on 80-100 mg of oxi for during chemotherapy and on 2-3 mg of xanax per day. Now I'm only on maybe 1-2 mg of suboxone every other day and 1/4-1/2 mg of xanax per day. Suboxone was THE only drug that got me off oxi and dilaudid. I had to go cold turkey for SEVEN days before my pain specialist would let me start Suboxone. I can't WAIT to finally have the balls to say "F IT, I'm DONE with ALL of this." I am almost there...Good luck if you're quitting!
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You are correct on that. We all need to get together and do something about it. Write to our Congressmen. I've been on sub since Dec 2007. Used film for a while but started getting white streaks under my tongue. Got a mass so big the ENT doctor wanted to do surgery to remove the mass under my tongue. I loved the film b/c it was cheaper. The pills last month were $110.00 for 60 --this month jumped to $154.00 (40%) higher. I can't take the film. Got to use the tablets. My doc gets $100.00 cash every 28 days from me. Can't miss an appointment. Said it's a new law. That they couldn't call in a script for me unless I came. I'm 58 years old. I work. It's hard for me to get off every 28 days for this. Plus I drive round trip 130 miles. Wish Rickett Benckiser would quit raising the prices on something that is also addictive. I couldn't quit if I wanted to. By the way I have medical insurance. The pill cost is helped by that but doc won't accept insurance.
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