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Suboxone Detox Home Remedies ?

hello everyone, this is my first post or question i have ever written. But i really need help with a suboxone detox routine to taper down. Today is my 4th day on subs, i have been taking one 8mg sub film every 12 hours or so. Last night i only took 4mg. so basically i want to taper down starting now. if anybody has a way of doing it as in how to cut them into pieces to taper down would be really helpful. Oh and i was doing H for 3 years then got on methadone last year but im off that now for over a month. started using H again for about 3 weeks. Started suboxone 4 days ago.
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Justbe is so right, a quick taper and jump, its the easiest way of Subs, the longer you hang onto them the harder the end detox will be. I've read a lot into the time it takes to leave your system versus detox lengths versus dosages, it varies wildly from person to person. The only thing that keeps popping up on nearly every forum/site/journal or whatever is, get off fast! I've heard it said by detox centres that the best time frame is 20 days and under, so if you can keep it under that time scale your laughing my friend, just drop down as quick as you can manage and get as low as possible. We get wrong for giving exact taper plans, as we are not Dr's and don't know peoples situations. Just do it sensibly and quickly and you will be free from this horrible drug.

I jumped from 4 mg and am still not 100% at just under 4 month, its a horrible detox when done incorrectly, I wish I was sitting in your shoes with the right advice in front of me, my Dr/counsellor was worse than useless, I was told I would be a little sick for 2 weeks, WRONG!!! I was only on them for about 3 month (I think) so not to long really, it was lucky my head was in the right place to beat it, I think this time round if the devil himself had knocked on my door I would have put him on his ar$e, just wanted it so bad!

The quicker the better believe me, I would just use them for another few days personally, then throw them down the toilet and jump, you will be thankful for this in the end, truly you will. A detox is in the post whichever way you look at it so make it as easy as possible on yourself. Keep posting for support, there is no magic answer you just have to do it right! Go for it!
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Prayers and Blessings to a Healthy, Easy and Permanent detox =0) I personally would do it under the guidance of a Physician as you know because this isn't your first time at the Rodeo it can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. I'm sure the Facility where your getting the Subs has a Physician on Staff who could guide and monitor you during the process.

                                                           Prayers and Blessings

                                                               jimi (lil wing =0)
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Please talk with your sub doctor and decide how to proceed.  

People choose to use subs for different reasons.  Some choose a very short term, rapid taper JUST for detox purposes, and others choose a slightly longer program (6months to a year typically) as part of a recovery program, allowing themselves to become stabilized on the sub, to help decrease cravings and get some "clean time" under their belt so they can start working on their recovery before doing a slow and gradual taper off the subs to minimize the w/d symptoms.  You have to decide for yourself how you want to proceed, and then communicate that to your sub doctor.  

Best of luck to you!
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If you are only trying to get past H withdrawals, quit now, the long half life will last through your H detox. At 4 days you will have little effect. The only detox worse than sub is Mdone or Fentanyl, from what I can tell. H is fast acting and will detox fast, one sub dose lasts 21 days. Get into NA, counseling, church, whatever helps you stay in recovery. You relapsed recently, what are you going to do different this time? Or are you planing subs as a makntenance drug?
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I dont have a doctor sadly, but I don't want to be on subs for more than a week not even a week to be honest. I don't want to withdrawal from subs from taking them too long. I was on methadone program for over a year (worst decision I have ever made in my life) so i know what its like to be stuck on another drug. I have been searching forums after forums to get an idea how to taper because I'm so scared that these subs are going to make me w/d if I stay on them any longer. I actually feel good the last 2 days from just the 4mg I did Saturday and yesterday I did 2mg. So basically I just don't know how to taper down, like I feel stuck I don't know if I should stop because I feel like I don't need anymore subs or continue with the last if i start to feel ****** again. I'm thinking about going to meetings because I have no one to talk to about this but man I hate the n/a meetings in my area, its like a popularity contest of who's the best junkie its so stupid. thanks for the responses everyone!
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You could check out other meetings, even AA meetings.  Some people find that they like AA better than NA.  From what I've heard, AA is a bit more rigidly structured as far as sticking to the process, where NA is more casual and social.  

Meetings are a great idea, you just have to find one that you feel comfortable with.  I agree that if the meetings are allowing people to tell their stories and discuss a lot of details about the days they were using, that isn't helpful.  Maybe you could speak up and say something that "war stories" can be very counterproductive, and even lead a person to have cravings?

As far as the sub goes, if you don't want to be on too long, you could decide to either go cold turkey from the 2mg (where you're at, right?) or try to taper down a few more days.  Honestly, I don't think it's going to make a HUGE difference either way.  If you were talking about a taper over a longer period of time, that might help to minimize w/ds, but a very rapid taper like you want to do will probably yield similar results as the cold turkey.  The GOOD news is, you're already down to 2mg.

There will be w/d either way unfortunately, it's impossible to avoid it most of the time.  There are things you can do to help ease the w/ds (like the Thomas recipe), but otherwise, you know the drill...just takes time.

We're cheering you on!  Keep us updated!
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